Nick Offerman on Romantic Handmad Cards

Nick Offerman: (paraphrased) Get a piece of paper, fold it in half, draw a heart on it, write I love you in the middle and give it to your wife and you'll get kissed so much more than you will when you give her something from a grocery store"
Me: (to the crafty card maker in the room) Honey ...can you please make me one of those cards you make so I can give to you ?

What Exxon's Downward Profits Mean For You

I am happy to say I paid 2.64 at Walmart for gas tonight, and I understand that stocks went down today because of falling gas prices and energy profits. I will never begin to understand Wall Street, but I presume that more money in average Joe's pocket and less money in Exxon's means more spending power for me and you, and GOOD news for the economy. Lets hope these prices stay around for awhile.