Goodbye Netflix

Dear Netflix,

What a long ...long relationship we have shared you and I. There was a time you made life easier for me and saved me from those "Oh, did you return the movie?" moments that used to cost me a fortune. And you reallllly have gotten to know me it seems. You take my preferences and create categories for me. The top ten for me includes toy story 3 (because I seem to have rented quite a few animated features in the last 9 years) and Demetri Martin (because I seem to like quirky comics) . Youve figured out that I like Sci Fi movies, not just any sci fi but "goofy sci fi and fantasy for ages 11-12", Independent movies, and witty father son comedies. My favorite catagory you created for me based on my "taste preferences" is "Visually Striking Cerebral Documentaries." Yeah..I guess you could say like that stuff. But here was one I didn't understand ...Dark Father Daughter Social Issue Dramas. Really. That's not a joke, that's an actual category. Hmmmmmm ...wonder what series of films I watched that created that row? I'm surprised they didn't actually call me to say "Hey, we actually found a Tom Hanks movie you have NOT seen." Oh well...while Netflix figured out all this about me and my family, it seems to have forgotten why I joined them in the first place. TO CUT COSTS ...the plan I am on... "Two Blue Rays at a time with unlimited streaming (streaming is scrolling through 1000 movies that I don't care to see or don't care to see again) is now up to ...well.....its almost up to the price of the family going to the Regal. Aint worth it anymore. I think we'll spend that 300 bucks a year on something a bit more worthwhile. So, goodbye Netflix ...been a nice and very long...and apparently on your end, very personal relationship. Sorry to break your heart this way ..and sorry your stock has plummeted from 300 dollars to a little over 100 in the last 3 months ...but we just grew apart ..financially. Blockbuster, Redbox, Hulu, amd others ...I will play the field for awhile.

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