New singer songwriter musician Anna Calvi is something special

She started as a violin player and switched to guitar.  The singer who has had the greatest influence is Maria Callas she told NPR’s Lyn Neary.  She says Maria has a confrontational quality in her voice, not afraid of being raw and vulnerable.  A risk taker like her.   She says starting her album with a long piece of guitar heavy  instrumental music was to achieve a hypnotic effect and bring the listener into her world.   She has said her self titled debut album was the culmination of 3 years of work in her parents basement.  It was already critically acclaimed abroad and released in the U.S. March 1, 2011.  NME says it may just be the first great album of 2011. The first single in the U.S. is called “Blackout.” 

Calvi is known for her intensity as a musician along with a combination of sensous and seductive live show.
 She is known for a different guitar style where she hits the strings in a circular motion, as opposed to strumming.

Songs like like “Desire” have a “melodic motif that keeps on building and building “ metaphorically.   It keeps adding instruments until it’s “Bursting” at the end.   “Playing live is a fulfilling experience for me because it allows me to be fearless and strong”  

This is just the start of a great moment when music needed something new. 

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