Gina Gershon as Sara Palin is on the mark

ginaI know when we all think of Sarah Palin impersonations, we first think of Tina Fey, and deservedly so.   She looks spot on and has some of the mannerisms down pat.  BUT …seeing Gina Gershon for Funny or Die do Palin puts a great spin on it …hard to pick a favorite.

More Impersonations - Less Games for Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon, this will come as no surprise to anyone who is a fan, has become this generations Johnny Carson, but more so because late night hasn't been as vital and "can't miss" since the days of Carson.  It sure isn't Leno that sparks that sentiment, and Letterman did at one time, but now, it feels like watching him is a tribute to his former greatness.  Having said that, allow me to offer that Fallon could be better if we could see more impressions.  I think that probably makes me  an old fogey to those who love the endless ingenuity of his games he plays, and the wonder of "remix the clips" and "thank you notes," but the truth is everytime Jimmy does an impression I find myself wishing that he did more characters he creates (like the game show hosty guys) and the likes of every impression from Bill Cosby to Bill Clinton to Bruce Springsteen to Neil Young.  And speaking of the musical icons, Jimmy Fallon can play and spot on sing reproductions of any style or genre of popular music.   I'd also like to see a return of the words of advice bit he did in the early stages of the show when he would be in the locker room giving advice to the likes of Tiger Woods.  Great.  

The Hypocrisy of the Virginia General Assembly

Lets get this straight> Republicans they in Washington, or anywhere else, oppose what they call Obama Care because it is  for their taste "socialism"  and  is unconstitutional because it requires one to be required to carry insurance.  THEN , in an ultimate act of hypocrisy, are now requiring Virginia business owners to carry protection for autistic children in their company insurance.   Hmmmmm  can anyone say why this is different   ?   Once again, I say that the true way to get a national health insurance policy supported by the Republicans would be for Obama to oppose it, because even if something is right, and clearly makes sense, if Obama or other democrats are for it, Republicans must oppose it for some reason.

Seriously...a REPUBLICAN group of legislators MANDATED a health care covenant, while on a national level, opposes anything that resembles mandate as socialism.  Really ?   Really ?  Seriously ?

Here is the Washington Post Article