Jared Lee Loughner 's assasination attempt on Gabby Giffords Rant

Just chiming in with a rant on the shooting in Arizona that took the life of so many, so senselessly, including a 9 year old, and seriously injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, shot during a public political gathering in Tucson yesterday. My prayers are with all of the victims and their families, even the shooters family. At one point yesterday, both CNN and NPR had confirmed the congresswoman was dead, so the hope for her recovery is already a prayer answered.

Jared Lee Loughner is a terrorist plain and simple. Yes, he is completely disturbed, but then again so are the terrorists we most commonly think of as being of middle eastern descent with hatred for America. I am always a bit perplexed that terrorism doesn't happen as often here in America as it does worldwide. No doubt, in reading the incoherent youtube postings from the shooter, he's simply not living in the same world as the rest of us. Now today so many want to link the partisan rhetoric as one of the causes, even though no connection to the Limbaughs of the world has yet been proven...and I will just say I doubt it is proven to be the instigator here. The 22 year old is just a mess mentally, plain and simple. The tragedy is what it is, like the Virginia Tech shootings, one guy who somebody should have seen some warning signs about. It can unfortunately happen anywhere with any disturbed mind with or without political motivation. It unfortunately can't be prevented unless someone intervenes before a tragedy like this happens.

While I WANT to see a tempering of partisan political rhetoric on the airwaves, I doubt this incident is related and I doubt this will fix it. In fact, Limbaugh and those of his ilk will feast on the ratings they get this week while fending off the accusations that they are the cause of this tragedy. Don't blame free speech ...I doubt anything can be done to prevent the real cause, which is insanity hitting home.

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