15 Greatest Guitarists

Prince: The Glory Years - A Documentary Review
1-Jimi Hendrix - Easy to acknowledge that he re-invented guitar for all who came next
2-Stevie Ray Vaughan-technique / guru that  had more talent than he knew what to with
3-Prince-is the greatest living guitarist IMHO and gets almost no love for it because he does so much else well.
4-Keith Richards -mixed rythm and lead together and made it seem easy
5-Pete Townshend-for performances and keen craft
6- Eddie Van Halen- ReReinvented guitar-I quit playing for years because I couldn't play like him
7-David Gilmour-Nobody complimented the material more
8-Neil Young -puts a music lover in heaven / music teacher in the hospital
9-Eric Clapton-blues and technique mastery-blistering speed while remaining tasteful
10-Knopfler - emerged with combination riffs that nobody had dreamed of
11-The Edge - defined the shape of U2 sound with simplicity and personae- no need to show off
12-Angus Young ...No matter what I might think of ACDC lyrical content ..the guitar always grabs me
13-Robby Krieger-Doors guitarist wrapped his improv around the singer, the songs and Ray's keyboard.
14-George Harrison who blended his work into the definitive body or work in the shortest imaginable time
15-Scotty Moore- Elvis would not have been Elvis without his sound

HM-cant stop a list at 15 with Jimi Page whom I respect but didnt move me as much as he moved others, Jerry Garcia who is responsible for a sound that almost needs it's own list, BB King--Well Well Well Lucille
& I almost HAVE to include Bruce Springsteen - SO underated as a lead (I know I will get stink for this one

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