15 Greatest Guitarists

Prince: The Glory Years - A Documentary Review
1-Jimi Hendrix - Easy to acknowledge that he re-invented guitar for all who came next
2-Stevie Ray Vaughan-technique / guru that  had more talent than he knew what to with
3-Prince-is the greatest living guitarist IMHO and gets almost no love for it because he does so much else well.
4-Keith Richards -mixed rythm and lead together and made it seem easy
5-Pete Townshend-for performances and keen craft
6- Eddie Van Halen- ReReinvented guitar-I quit playing for years because I couldn't play like him
7-David Gilmour-Nobody complimented the material more
8-Neil Young -puts a music lover in heaven / music teacher in the hospital
9-Eric Clapton-blues and technique mastery-blistering speed while remaining tasteful
10-Knopfler - emerged with combination riffs that nobody had dreamed of
11-The Edge - defined the shape of U2 sound with simplicity and personae- no need to show off
12-Angus Young ...No matter what I might think of ACDC lyrical content ..the guitar always grabs me
13-Robby Krieger-Doors guitarist wrapped his improv around the singer, the songs and Ray's keyboard.
14-George Harrison who blended his work into the definitive body or work in the shortest imaginable time
15-Scotty Moore- Elvis would not have been Elvis without his sound

HM-cant stop a list at 15 with Jimi Page whom I respect but didnt move me as much as he moved others, Jerry Garcia who is responsible for a sound that almost needs it's own list, BB King--Well Well Well Lucille
& I almost HAVE to include Bruce Springsteen - SO underated as a lead (I know I will get stink for this one

Ranking theBest Pixar Movies

Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales (Two Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)Just my list of how much I enjoyed the Pixar movies to date ...some controversial I know ...but take it away and post your own list if you like.

Life Without Regis ? Say it ain't so.Can you imagine what a weekday morning will be like without him ?  Who will Letterman be able to pick on.

Regis Philbin announces retirement today, June 18th 2011, saying "This is my last year on the show." He indicated that it would be late summer or fall before the end came, and no word on whether or not they will try to get a new Regis with Kelly. Regis Francis Xavier Philbin has been hosting talk and game shows since the 1950's. He is sometimes called the Hardest Working Man in Show Business.

I'm Only One ManHe is the Guinness world record holder for most time in front of a television camera. He went to Notre Dame and always talked of his love for the Fighting Irish on the show. Perhaps his biggest claim to fame was when the game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire enjoyed HUGE ratings in 1999. He was also the original of America's Got Talent before being replaced by Jerry Springer. Regis will be irreplaceable on American TV.

Jared Lee Loughner 's assasination attempt on Gabby Giffords Rant

Just chiming in with a rant on the shooting in Arizona that took the life of so many, so senselessly, including a 9 year old, and seriously injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, shot during a public political gathering in Tucson yesterday. My prayers are with all of the victims and their families, even the shooters family. At one point yesterday, both CNN and NPR had confirmed the congresswoman was dead, so the hope for her recovery is already a prayer answered.

Jared Lee Loughner is a terrorist plain and simple. Yes, he is completely disturbed, but then again so are the terrorists we most commonly think of as being of middle eastern descent with hatred for America. I am always a bit perplexed that terrorism doesn't happen as often here in America as it does worldwide. No doubt, in reading the incoherent youtube postings from the shooter, he's simply not living in the same world as the rest of us. Now today so many want to link the partisan rhetoric as one of the causes, even though no connection to the Limbaughs of the world has yet been proven...and I will just say I doubt it is proven to be the instigator here. The 22 year old is just a mess mentally, plain and simple. The tragedy is what it is, like the Virginia Tech shootings, one guy who somebody should have seen some warning signs about. It can unfortunately happen anywhere with any disturbed mind with or without political motivation. It unfortunately can't be prevented unless someone intervenes before a tragedy like this happens.

While I WANT to see a tempering of partisan political rhetoric on the airwaves, I doubt this incident is related and I doubt this will fix it. In fact, Limbaugh and those of his ilk will feast on the ratings they get this week while fending off the accusations that they are the cause of this tragedy. Don't blame free speech ...I doubt anything can be done to prevent the real cause, which is insanity hitting home.