Conan is back and will Letterman or Leno care ?

Conan O'Brien gets back into the fray of late night tv this weke and while any comedy lover will appreciate the added diversity and, one assumes, more jokes are always a good thing, the truthn is that Conan has a loyal following and has stirred up a lot of both sympathy and publicity with the way things ended at NBC.   While there will be an initial splash of viewership that will be above the norm for TBS, one can’t imagine that the ratings on tbs will be in any POSSIBLE way higher than they were (LOW RATINGS in case you forgot) on the Peacock.  Make a calendar appointment to check Conan a year from now and see where he is …my guess, not competing seriously in viewership with Dave, Jay, Jimmy ..or even Nightline.   Maybe he'll keep his beard and that will keep us guessing for awhile on that issue.  Max Weinberg is reason enough to watch sometimes too.  But, ya know, Jon Stuart is the real King of Late Night anyway.