On JMU beating Virginia Tech

On Sep 11 2010 when JMU Beat VT, I could honestly put myself in the middle ..as someone who grew up virtually inside Lane Stadium, the old days when anyone who wanted to could sit at the 50 yard line in the 4th quarter of many games and they let us kids walk right through the tunnel (before they put up hokie stone) to pester the players for their chinstraps and sweatbands.  And now, a transplanted Harrisonburg area native with a great many ties to JMU sports.   So here is what I had to say this past weekend.

JMU is a well coached, former (and future?) national champion who shouldn't be taken lightly, which is what was done by not only the Tech players, but especially by whomever thought it was wise to schedule anyone THAT good on THAT short of a week after THAT big of a game Monday. While my Hokie heart hurts (devastated)... allow me to be PROUD of the Dukes of JMU. (ELATION !)
Tech has nobody to blame but themselves, from the players, to the coaches, to whomever scheduled the game. And I can tell you ...and anyone who was at the Shenandoah Athletic Club this spring and saw a (beloved) Tech assistant coach BARELY...  MENTION JMU as an opponent in front of a crowd of in Harrisonburg sports fans will back me up, that we should have seen the sign that Tech gave the Dukes no respect going in to the game at all. They damn sure got it now ..and it was earned by "don't beat yourselves" play by Coach Matthews kids who may have been less recruited than Techs guys, but proved they were not one less bit talented.

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