Its Football Season...Time for Gun Violence on CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC

Once again it is football season, and I will be watching the games on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Sunday Night, and Monday Night with my 8 year old son.  What a great family thing to do. Right ?  Teaching the values of competition, doing your best, and never giving up ..right ?

BUT. . .

With every game on network Fox will try to promote Bones, Dollhouse, the Good Guys, or Lonestar ...NBC will promote Law and Order, Chase or UnderCovers, CBS (which has the slowest damn website ever ..just sayin)  will promote Hawaii Five-0, CSI, Criminal Minds , or the Mentalist ...and ABC will counter with Rookie Blue, Castle, Detroit 1-8-7, The Whole Truth, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.  Folks...I am not ranting against anyone's second amendment right ..but in the promo's for each of these shows, the network commercials will show ...several times an hour ...something exciting in the upcoming episode that will get people to watch, thereby increasing the networks bottom line.  The clip they will show, soooooo many times, will be a GUN pointed at SOMEONES HEAD.  Over and over and over ..the fact that Jack Bauer and 24 are gone will not likely lower the number of "I'm aiming my gun at your face" shots my 8 year old will have to endure to see if the Redskins can get in the endzone or not. 

I am just asking for some sensitivity to family concerns during  what I consider to be family watching time.  These network show promos aren't even including the numerous commercials for whatever action movie is upcoming in a theatre near you.  If you watch NFL football or college football, or maybe a NASCAR race, a World Series game or the Miami Heat in their new quest to be the first ever undefeated NBA team, just COUNT how many times a game...or an hour...or even a commercial break...where someone points a gun at someone.  

Hey, I am not even bitchin that CBS has introduced the word SHIT into the title of a primetime series called Shit My Dad Says with Shatner, I don't even care that the winner of Survivor is often the slimiest, farthest away from the "golden rule" players...  I am not as concerned about the sex or the language ..though they are and need to be concerns.  I am not Joe Pious here.  I am just saying that in the 60 to 100 years we are all on this planet, in REAL LIFE we probably will not ever see someone actually point a gun at someones face ..maybe once ...twice if you are a cop or a soldier.   But, on network TV during sports events happens every hour if not every fifteen minutes.

I am bitchin about the problem ...I don't have a solution.  I'm just sayin.  It upsets me.