Michael Larson - The man who avoided the WHAMMY with a plan

Very fascinated with Michael Larson, the game show icon from the show Press Your Luck.  He won an unprecedented 110,000 in cash and prizes in June 1984.   He did it by avoiding the Whammy ..and he avoided the Whammy by memorizing the patterns on the big spin board.  Watching frame by frame, he figured out that there were just five patterns to the Press Your Luck board, and took every penny he had to drive from Ohio to California to try out for the show.  He took 47 spins with only 1 whammy..and that whammy was on his first spin, so it didn’t cost him anything.  At one point host Peter Tomarkin said “How does it feel to own a part of CBS?”

He died young of throat cancer and it would appear that he chased schemes and scandalous ways of making a quick buck ..so once again the story of a big easy cash winner that ends sadly.  It remains one of the biggest game show scandals of all time. 

To see the patterns he memorized and how he used them, check this link.

Cash and prizes earned
·    $104,950 in cash
·    1 sailboat worth $1,015
·    1 trip to Kauai worth $1,636
·    1 trip to the Bahamas worth $2,636

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