Is the S word in the language ?

A friend of mine notes that he keeps hearing the S word on TV lately, while other words are bleeped out. He says, "did I miss a memo ?"  

Yes, the S word is apparently in the language now, with CBS putting the word in the TITLE of Shatners new show "S%*t My Dad Says" with little effort to mask the word.  Seems that George Carlins 7 words have dwindled by a few over the years, haven't they?

Walk through your local Walmart and you will often see someone with the S word on a Tshirt, or the F word even.   It was first on bumperstickers that I realized it is apparently not profanity if you say it on a shirt or a sticker.  Never mind the 8 year olds who ask their parents "what does that mean ?"   I personally think that on cable tv, go ahead and say what you want and show what you want.  But in televised sporting events, early evening network tv, and on tshirts and bumperstickers ...clean it up for the sake of the kids. 

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