Michael Larson - The man who avoided the WHAMMY with a plan

Very fascinated with Michael Larson, the game show icon from the show Press Your Luck.  He won an unprecedented 110,000 in cash and prizes in June 1984.   He did it by avoiding the Whammy ..and he avoided the Whammy by memorizing the patterns on the big spin board.  Watching frame by frame, he figured out that there were just five patterns to the Press Your Luck board, and took every penny he had to drive from Ohio to California to try out for the show.  He took 47 spins with only 1 whammy..and that whammy was on his first spin, so it didn’t cost him anything.  At one point host Peter Tomarkin said “How does it feel to own a part of CBS?”

He died young of throat cancer and it would appear that he chased schemes and scandalous ways of making a quick buck ..so once again the story of a big easy cash winner that ends sadly.  It remains one of the biggest game show scandals of all time. 

To see the patterns he memorized and how he used them, check this link.

Cash and prizes earned
·    $104,950 in cash
·    1 sailboat worth $1,015
·    1 trip to Kauai worth $1,636
·    1 trip to the Bahamas worth $2,636

Dish Network Recording Popping / Flashing Problem Solved without technician

Dish Network has a HDTV DVR receiver that has a bit of a flaw, and I have the solution that I didn't find anywhere on the web, which is why I am posting it here.

The selling point on the receiver is that you only have to pay rent for one receiver to watch tv on two TV's in separate rooms.  They give you an infrared remote for the "nearby" tv, and radio wave remote for the separate room to communicate with the distant  TV. Well, for those who are changing from cable TV DVR's, you probably enjoyed on your old DVR the ability to watch one thing while DVR recording another ..or even recording two programs while watching a third that was recorded.   When Dish was installed, the technician said that frankly it would not be able to do that with Dish.  But in the users guide, on Page 57, it says that you can "set up the receiver to record two programs while watching one you've already recorded" 

When I gave this a shot, it was catastrophic at first, until I learned the simple fix that nobody on the Dish 800 line could give me.  When I attempted to do this as instructed in the manual, the box would flicker and actually emit a POP sound through the screen in such a way as to believe I was damaging my Vizio.  The video would be of one channel you were recording, the audio would be of another or of the previously recorded...nothing matched up, and again, it was flash popping so much that it scared my 8 year old son. The only way to return to normal was a off / on reboot.   Hell, I thought I broke the thing, and arranged for a tech to come back out, presumably to change out a defective receiver. 

But here is how I was able to fix the problem so that with the Dish receiver you can watch one channel while recording another, or even record two and watch something already recorded. 

First, go to single mode, not dual. (I had done this) But the key that is not in the guide, nor did they know on the 800 number is that you have to go to Menu / System Setup / SHARED VIEW  and click on DISABLE VIEW.  After you do that you will be much more satisfied with the results, and happy about the Hundreds of dollars over cable you are saving.  Trust me, get rid of Comcast or the like and save a ton now that Dish has your local channels.  Having said that, I didn't have the money, but they offer a much better receiver if you pay for it. Click on the link above for a great upgrade.

NBC Wets Appetites with The Event Teasers

Are you also getting juiced for "THE EVENT," the new NBC show with a black president played by Blair Underwood ..not exactly an Obama look alike but close enough it might seem in mannerisms ..we will see.  Jason Ritter ...looking more like dad every day is on board as well.  He is a TV series veteran by now. And the promo's are set in realistic "you are there" tone.  I am definitely on board too.

Is the S word in the language ?

A friend of mine notes that he keeps hearing the S word on TV lately, while other words are bleeped out. He says, "did I miss a memo ?"  

Yes, the S word is apparently in the language now, with CBS putting the word in the TITLE of Shatners new show "S%*t My Dad Says" with little effort to mask the word.  Seems that George Carlins 7 words have dwindled by a few over the years, haven't they?

Walk through your local Walmart and you will often see someone with the S word on a Tshirt, or the F word even.   It was first on bumperstickers that I realized it is apparently not profanity if you say it on a shirt or a sticker.  Never mind the 8 year olds who ask their parents "what does that mean ?"   I personally think that on cable tv, go ahead and say what you want and show what you want.  But in televised sporting events, early evening network tv, and on tshirts and bumperstickers ...clean it up for the sake of the kids.