Did Tim Urban Get Voted Off Of Idol Gives Back

American Idol fans are asking the question after their DVR cut off without the result from who got voted off. Did Tim Urban Get cut? Was Aaron Kelly Saved ? Did Casey James get voted off of American Idol tonight ? I have the answer, and it won't please fans of the website votefortheworst.com . 

Yes folks ...it was Tim Urban who was in the final three and then after the show went into overtime and did anyone tape the local news, Tim Urban says goodbye.  But he will be on the Idol Tour so get your tickets . (if you like bad singers with 70's haircuts)

A Constitutional Amendment for a Corporate Body of Congress

My congressman represents me in my Shenandoah valley district, and at least as far as my eyes can see, even though his politics don’t always completely agree with mine, he seems to espouse the beliefs as a whole of the electorate who gave him the ride to DC.  It may be the same in your congressional district, and the same for the US senators as well as our more locally elected leaders.   These congressman and senators with such an influence on not only our day to day lives and pocketbooks, but as so much as being noted these days, Capitol Hill has its hands on the finances of our grandchildren, one must realize that they are not just there to represent the good people of their districts or their states, but also its best interests in all aspects for today and all that has us moving forward.

It’s no secret that when the common you or me try to influence our congressman, we have little effect, but when a lobbyist bends a representatives ear, and sometimes fills a representatives campaign coffers, the true influence in Washington, especially when so much of it is unchecked, unnoticed, and unreported, is often not the man or woman we see “from the great state of …” on CSPAN, but rather, the corporate entity from whom the congressman or senator has in effect sold his place on that floor to, with full support of the electorate, if for no other reasons than the glaring ones of apathy and ignorance. So while Congressman X and Senator Y are voting in representation of our districts and states, the truth is that much like a designated hitter goes to bat for a pitcher in the lineup, on Capitol Hill we might as well think of those individuals as “Designated Humans” who are batting for the powerful corporations and special interests who have often paid dearly, (or at least believe they have)   for the votes that are cast in the chambers.

If we, the people, don’t like the sound of that, sorry, that is the way it is.  Perhaps one way to remove corporate influence  from the traditional congress might be to acknowledge that it does indeed belong.  That there is no reason  to necessarily call  those giants of industry and special interest evil.   Perhaps the only way they can get that influence they might rightfully deserve in Washington is to line the pockets of your local Mr. Smith. Perhaps it’s time we give them an official seat at the table …but it would require a constitutional amendment. 

Is it possible to imagine a body of government that officially recognizes the senator from the “great corporation of Walmart,” or a gavel pounding and into the microphone we hear “the chair yields the balance of time  to the NRA to further discuss the bill.”   “The representatives from Pfizer and United Health will please be in order!” 

Seating the giants of the New York Stock Exchange, the special interests and causes and concerns organizations in Washington may not be such a futile exercise.  How much power to give them?   How about a great deal !   At least then it would be transparent and not as much behind the scenes where it is hidden from us and impossible to see. Yes, I am asking you to seriously consider another body of congress which would be run, not by the elected officials representing districts and states as it is now, but rather, the companies that do indeed enrich and empower American greatness, wealth, innovation, and diversity.  

Yes I am serious and yes, it won’t happen overnight.  But we have to admit that they are there already.  And rather than complaining about what is done so often under the table in the name of Big Oil, Big Business, and the vast array of organizations hoping to levy interest on your representatives, why not officially invite them to the table and ask them to join in the discussion with the rest of us.