Conan is back and will Letterman or Leno care ?

Conan O'Brien gets back into the fray of late night tv this weke and while any comedy lover will appreciate the added diversity and, one assumes, more jokes are always a good thing, the truthn is that Conan has a loyal following and has stirred up a lot of both sympathy and publicity with the way things ended at NBC.   While there will be an initial splash of viewership that will be above the norm for TBS, one can’t imagine that the ratings on tbs will be in any POSSIBLE way higher than they were (LOW RATINGS in case you forgot) on the Peacock.  Make a calendar appointment to check Conan a year from now and see where he is …my guess, not competing seriously in viewership with Dave, Jay, Jimmy ..or even Nightline.   Maybe he'll keep his beard and that will keep us guessing for awhile on that issue.  Max Weinberg is reason enough to watch sometimes too.  But, ya know, Jon Stuart is the real King of Late Night anyway. 

Review of Saturday Night Live for October 2, 2010 and the season so far.

The new 2010 season of Saturday Night Live is underway, and on show number 2 with Bryan Cranston, there was little redeeming value to the show.  I will always be there but if it doesn't get better, SNL won't be there for me.   The new skit with Miley Cyrus was good but as someone who has missed fewer than a dozen SNL’s since it’s inception, I have to say I have never seen a weaker cast tha this seasons. Weekend Update will always be something not to miss, but without Kristen Wiig & Andy Samberg, it’s all about potential now...and on the season opener, star studded with Tina Fey and more cameo's, the potential was fullfilled.  just one week later, SNL fans are left a little empty. The Rahm Emmanuel open was probably the weakest I can remember. The open is supposed to be one the highlights every single week. It was just terrible. And sorry but ..I just hated Kanye …the white out staging was so bad it might have been one of the best jokes of the night.

On JMU beating Virginia Tech

On Sep 11 2010 when JMU Beat VT, I could honestly put myself in the middle someone who grew up virtually inside Lane Stadium, the old days when anyone who wanted to could sit at the 50 yard line in the 4th quarter of many games and they let us kids walk right through the tunnel (before they put up hokie stone) to pester the players for their chinstraps and sweatbands.  And now, a transplanted Harrisonburg area native with a great many ties to JMU sports.   So here is what I had to say this past weekend.

JMU is a well coached, former (and future?) national champion who shouldn't be taken lightly, which is what was done by not only the Tech players, but especially by whomever thought it was wise to schedule anyone THAT good on THAT short of a week after THAT big of a game Monday. While my Hokie heart hurts (devastated)... allow me to be PROUD of the Dukes of JMU. (ELATION !)
Tech has nobody to blame but themselves, from the players, to the coaches, to whomever scheduled the game. And I can tell you ...and anyone who was at the Shenandoah Athletic Club this spring and saw a (beloved) Tech assistant coach BARELY...  MENTION JMU as an opponent in front of a crowd of in Harrisonburg sports fans will back me up, that we should have seen the sign that Tech gave the Dukes no respect going in to the game at all. They damn sure got it now ..and it was earned by "don't beat yourselves" play by Coach Matthews kids who may have been less recruited than Techs guys, but proved they were not one less bit talented.

Its Football Season...Time for Gun Violence on CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC

Once again it is football season, and I will be watching the games on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Sunday Night, and Monday Night with my 8 year old son.  What a great family thing to do. Right ?  Teaching the values of competition, doing your best, and never giving up ..right ?

BUT. . .

With every game on network Fox will try to promote Bones, Dollhouse, the Good Guys, or Lonestar ...NBC will promote Law and Order, Chase or UnderCovers, CBS (which has the slowest damn website ever ..just sayin)  will promote Hawaii Five-0, CSI, Criminal Minds , or the Mentalist ...and ABC will counter with Rookie Blue, Castle, Detroit 1-8-7, The Whole Truth, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.  Folks...I am not ranting against anyone's second amendment right ..but in the promo's for each of these shows, the network commercials will show ...several times an hour ...something exciting in the upcoming episode that will get people to watch, thereby increasing the networks bottom line.  The clip they will show, soooooo many times, will be a GUN pointed at SOMEONES HEAD.  Over and over and over ..the fact that Jack Bauer and 24 are gone will not likely lower the number of "I'm aiming my gun at your face" shots my 8 year old will have to endure to see if the Redskins can get in the endzone or not. 

I am just asking for some sensitivity to family concerns during  what I consider to be family watching time.  These network show promos aren't even including the numerous commercials for whatever action movie is upcoming in a theatre near you.  If you watch NFL football or college football, or maybe a NASCAR race, a World Series game or the Miami Heat in their new quest to be the first ever undefeated NBA team, just COUNT how many times a game...or an hour...or even a commercial break...where someone points a gun at someone.  

Hey, I am not even bitchin that CBS has introduced the word SHIT into the title of a primetime series called Shit My Dad Says with Shatner, I don't even care that the winner of Survivor is often the slimiest, farthest away from the "golden rule" players...  I am not as concerned about the sex or the language ..though they are and need to be concerns.  I am not Joe Pious here.  I am just saying that in the 60 to 100 years we are all on this planet, in REAL LIFE we probably will not ever see someone actually point a gun at someones face ..maybe once ...twice if you are a cop or a soldier.   But, on network TV during sports events happens every hour if not every fifteen minutes.

I am bitchin about the problem ...I don't have a solution.  I'm just sayin.  It upsets me.

Michael Larson - The man who avoided the WHAMMY with a plan

Very fascinated with Michael Larson, the game show icon from the show Press Your Luck.  He won an unprecedented 110,000 in cash and prizes in June 1984.   He did it by avoiding the Whammy ..and he avoided the Whammy by memorizing the patterns on the big spin board.  Watching frame by frame, he figured out that there were just five patterns to the Press Your Luck board, and took every penny he had to drive from Ohio to California to try out for the show.  He took 47 spins with only 1 whammy..and that whammy was on his first spin, so it didn’t cost him anything.  At one point host Peter Tomarkin said “How does it feel to own a part of CBS?”

He died young of throat cancer and it would appear that he chased schemes and scandalous ways of making a quick buck once again the story of a big easy cash winner that ends sadly.  It remains one of the biggest game show scandals of all time. 

To see the patterns he memorized and how he used them, check this link.

Cash and prizes earned
·    $104,950 in cash
·    1 sailboat worth $1,015
·    1 trip to Kauai worth $1,636
·    1 trip to the Bahamas worth $2,636

Dish Network Recording Popping / Flashing Problem Solved without technician

Dish Network has a HDTV DVR receiver that has a bit of a flaw, and I have the solution that I didn't find anywhere on the web, which is why I am posting it here.

The selling point on the receiver is that you only have to pay rent for one receiver to watch tv on two TV's in separate rooms.  They give you an infrared remote for the "nearby" tv, and radio wave remote for the separate room to communicate with the distant  TV. Well, for those who are changing from cable TV DVR's, you probably enjoyed on your old DVR the ability to watch one thing while DVR recording another ..or even recording two programs while watching a third that was recorded.   When Dish was installed, the technician said that frankly it would not be able to do that with Dish.  But in the users guide, on Page 57, it says that you can "set up the receiver to record two programs while watching one you've already recorded" 

When I gave this a shot, it was catastrophic at first, until I learned the simple fix that nobody on the Dish 800 line could give me.  When I attempted to do this as instructed in the manual, the box would flicker and actually emit a POP sound through the screen in such a way as to believe I was damaging my Vizio.  The video would be of one channel you were recording, the audio would be of another or of the previously recorded...nothing matched up, and again, it was flash popping so much that it scared my 8 year old son. The only way to return to normal was a off / on reboot.   Hell, I thought I broke the thing, and arranged for a tech to come back out, presumably to change out a defective receiver. 

But here is how I was able to fix the problem so that with the Dish receiver you can watch one channel while recording another, or even record two and watch something already recorded. 

First, go to single mode, not dual. (I had done this) But the key that is not in the guide, nor did they know on the 800 number is that you have to go to Menu / System Setup / SHARED VIEW  and click on DISABLE VIEW.  After you do that you will be much more satisfied with the results, and happy about the Hundreds of dollars over cable you are saving.  Trust me, get rid of Comcast or the like and save a ton now that Dish has your local channels.  Having said that, I didn't have the money, but they offer a much better receiver if you pay for it. Click on the link above for a great upgrade.

NBC Wets Appetites with The Event Teasers

Are you also getting juiced for "THE EVENT," the new NBC show with a black president played by Blair Underwood ..not exactly an Obama look alike but close enough it might seem in mannerisms ..we will see.  Jason Ritter ...looking more like dad every day is on board as well.  He is a TV series veteran by now. And the promo's are set in realistic "you are there" tone.  I am definitely on board too.

Is the S word in the language ?

A friend of mine notes that he keeps hearing the S word on TV lately, while other words are bleeped out. He says, "did I miss a memo ?"  

Yes, the S word is apparently in the language now, with CBS putting the word in the TITLE of Shatners new show "S%*t My Dad Says" with little effort to mask the word.  Seems that George Carlins 7 words have dwindled by a few over the years, haven't they?

Walk through your local Walmart and you will often see someone with the S word on a Tshirt, or the F word even.   It was first on bumperstickers that I realized it is apparently not profanity if you say it on a shirt or a sticker.  Never mind the 8 year olds who ask their parents "what does that mean ?"   I personally think that on cable tv, go ahead and say what you want and show what you want.  But in televised sporting events, early evening network tv, and on tshirts and bumperstickers ...clean it up for the sake of the kids. 

McDonalds ...Do You Offer Lemon With That Iced Tea ?

Dear McDonalds,

Please answer this question.  When I see the commercials for your delicious and fairly priced Iced Tea, it is pictured in a glass with a slice of lemon.  However I have never seen a slice of lemon nearby any Iced Tea dispenser so that I might add some citrus flavor to my tall Styrofoam cup of tea.  Does McDonald's intend to offer slices of lemon to accompany their wonderfully delicious, fairly priced Iced Tea ?

Oscar Winner's Mom takes it to the subway and now to America

Gabrielle Sidibe's Mom who is a 58 year old mother of 2 tore it up on America's Got Talent.  Wow ... Alice Tan Ridley sang At Last and is going to Vegas after all three judges gave her the thumbs up , with one judge saying its the best audition yet. She has been singing for 20 years in the subways of New York, and had recently drawn the ire of Howard Stern and Robin Quivers, but I loved it. 

HOW MANY FANS  does this girl have now ? She was amazing. On to the next. The next Susan Boyle ?

John Wooden is a Saint

John Wooden is gone after a great 99 year life.  Nobody can touch what he did on the court, but in my opinion, it is his character off court that is a legacy that can't be touched.

Be prepared to be honest.”
“Consider the rights of others before your own feelings, and the feelings of others before your own rights.”
“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”
“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”
“It isn’t what you do, but how you do it.”
“It’s not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.”

John Wooden

How we win the wars .. wild ideas

Jeff Stein says that the way the US was going to discredit Saddam Hussein would be to portray him as gay or even to have an actor portray him and resign from office on Iraq TV. The CIA was also going to insert crawls in the broadcasts to the people that would elicit the American propaganda. These are the things we didn't do ... I am amazed that we have these capabilities ..and would love to know the (secret) things we didnt do.
SpyTalk - CIA unit's wacky idea: Depict Saddam as gay

The Bachelorette Is Back! Will Ali Be Lucky in Love This Time Around? - E! Online

Was watching the premier of the Bachelorette tonight and was amazed that half way through it, Ali didnt get a call from her boss saying "I know you are on a reality show but we need you to come back to work."
The Bachelorette Is Back! Will Ali Be Lucky in Love This Time Around? - E! Online

Did Tim Urban Get Voted Off Of Idol Gives Back

American Idol fans are asking the question after their DVR cut off without the result from who got voted off. Did Tim Urban Get cut? Was Aaron Kelly Saved ? Did Casey James get voted off of American Idol tonight ? I have the answer, and it won't please fans of the website . 

Yes folks was Tim Urban who was in the final three and then after the show went into overtime and did anyone tape the local news, Tim Urban says goodbye.  But he will be on the Idol Tour so get your tickets . (if you like bad singers with 70's haircuts)

A Constitutional Amendment for a Corporate Body of Congress

My congressman represents me in my Shenandoah valley district, and at least as far as my eyes can see, even though his politics don’t always completely agree with mine, he seems to espouse the beliefs as a whole of the electorate who gave him the ride to DC.  It may be the same in your congressional district, and the same for the US senators as well as our more locally elected leaders.   These congressman and senators with such an influence on not only our day to day lives and pocketbooks, but as so much as being noted these days, Capitol Hill has its hands on the finances of our grandchildren, one must realize that they are not just there to represent the good people of their districts or their states, but also its best interests in all aspects for today and all that has us moving forward.

It’s no secret that when the common you or me try to influence our congressman, we have little effect, but when a lobbyist bends a representatives ear, and sometimes fills a representatives campaign coffers, the true influence in Washington, especially when so much of it is unchecked, unnoticed, and unreported, is often not the man or woman we see “from the great state of …” on CSPAN, but rather, the corporate entity from whom the congressman or senator has in effect sold his place on that floor to, with full support of the electorate, if for no other reasons than the glaring ones of apathy and ignorance. So while Congressman X and Senator Y are voting in representation of our districts and states, the truth is that much like a designated hitter goes to bat for a pitcher in the lineup, on Capitol Hill we might as well think of those individuals as “Designated Humans” who are batting for the powerful corporations and special interests who have often paid dearly, (or at least believe they have)   for the votes that are cast in the chambers.

If we, the people, don’t like the sound of that, sorry, that is the way it is.  Perhaps one way to remove corporate influence  from the traditional congress might be to acknowledge that it does indeed belong.  That there is no reason  to necessarily call  those giants of industry and special interest evil.   Perhaps the only way they can get that influence they might rightfully deserve in Washington is to line the pockets of your local Mr. Smith. Perhaps it’s time we give them an official seat at the table …but it would require a constitutional amendment. 

Is it possible to imagine a body of government that officially recognizes the senator from the “great corporation of Walmart,” or a gavel pounding and into the microphone we hear “the chair yields the balance of time  to the NRA to further discuss the bill.”   “The representatives from Pfizer and United Health will please be in order!” 

Seating the giants of the New York Stock Exchange, the special interests and causes and concerns organizations in Washington may not be such a futile exercise.  How much power to give them?   How about a great deal !   At least then it would be transparent and not as much behind the scenes where it is hidden from us and impossible to see. Yes, I am asking you to seriously consider another body of congress which would be run, not by the elected officials representing districts and states as it is now, but rather, the companies that do indeed enrich and empower American greatness, wealth, innovation, and diversity.  

Yes I am serious and yes, it won’t happen overnight.  But we have to admit that they are there already.  And rather than complaining about what is done so often under the table in the name of Big Oil, Big Business, and the vast array of organizations hoping to levy interest on your representatives, why not officially invite them to the table and ask them to join in the discussion with the rest of us.

Why You Can't Cuss Out Your Boss

The unemployment rate hit 10 percent in October, and there are good reasons to believe that by 2011, 2012, even 2014, it will have declined only a little. Late last year, the average duration of unemployment surpassed six months, the first time that has happened since 1948, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking that number. As of this writing, for every open job in the U.S., six people are actively looking for work.

The Who Last Concert Farewell in 1982 from Toronto

In 1982 I saw THE WHO in concert and paid good American Money to see the show simulcast to numerous arenas worldwide as their Farwell Show.  Goodbye, so long ...never to be heard from again.  IT IS 28 Years LATER ...and we are still seeing them ...I just feel like I need to sue for the money I spent , or should get a free copy of The Who Live From Toronto , which is how that show lives on. I wish them luck in the Super Bowl Halftime Show singing My Generation, and DONT GET FOOLED AGAIN ..which is what many would sing after 28 years of wondering if and when they really mean they are going to perform their last show ..perhaps it will be the Super Bowl in Miami here in 2010.

Springsteen Favored To Win Grammy Awards

Grammy nominee Bruce Springsteen is up for FOUR awards this time around.  According to Rolling Stone, he has a tremendous chance to avenge the snub that happened after he won the Golden Globe for best song from a motion picture and then did not even get NOMINATED for the Oscar.
  "Grammy’s Best Song Written for a Motion Picture category.Springsteen will face some big competition, however, in the form of BeyoncĂ©’s “Once in a Lifetime” from Cadillac Records, Paramore’sTwilight track “Decode,” Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” from Hannah Montana: The Movie, and the song that ultimately won the Oscar, A.R. Rahman’s “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire. Bruce scored four nods in total, including Best Rock Song and Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for “Working on a Dream” and Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals for “Sea of Heartbreak” with Rosanne Cash."

I predict Bruce, at SIXTY YEARS OLD, will win multiple Grammy awards in 2010. 

Vizio TV Just Fades To Black

Well I waited for 2 years for the prices to drop low enough for me and my family on a meager income to afford a new HDTV, and I finally pulled the trigger and got a 42 inch 420E.  After all those ads from Collin Cowherd I was probably in the mindset to choose Vizio over Sony, Phillips,  and Samsung that Walmart sells at a discount prices, but when you put them side by side, it seemed that Vizio really does get a better picture for the dollar.  So I couldn't wait, and with my luck the cable box died the very day I got the TV home, and of course, 2 hours were spent thinking the TV was the problem before finding out that the mother board and connections on the cable box had become disconnected, and there would be no service call on a Saturday Night.  The picture was beautiful when it was finally hooked up, bypassing the comcast cable box and just putting the cable directly into the TV input, and on Monday the Cable guy  (and Yes his name was Larry The Cable Guy, but never said Git Er Done) came in and admired the new Vizio but warned, "God help you if anything goes wrong."   Sure enough, on Thursday, the TV began just fading to Black.  You'd be watching and suddenly, the thing Fades to Black.  I have saved the box to return it to Walmart, and the VIZIO technician says via email that I should try to basically reboot the TV ..and it may have to do with some kind of setting that I suspect has to do with the sun hitting the TV screen (ADVANCED ADAPTIVE LUMA)   It hasn't happened since, and as of now it's been 4 days,  but I am very suspect of such a major problem with a brand new TV.  I love the picture...and at least I am covered for 90 days by Walmart and supposedly a year by Vizio.   Here is the procedure for undoing the sudden fade to black technical problem on a new vizio.

Dear Valued Customer,
I apologize to hear you are having difficulties with your VIZIO TV. Here at VIZIO we offer best in class technical support. I would recommend performing a power cycle on your TV. Please follow the steps in this order:

1- Power off TV
2- Unplug TV from outlet
3- Press and hold in the power button on the TV for 30 seconds (while it is unplugged from the wall)
4- Release the power button
5- Plug in the TV into a different outlet
6- Power the TV back on

There is also a factory reset option in your menu under the SETUP section. It will say either "reset all settings" or "system reset". I would recommend this option as well.

In your Advanced Video Settings there is a setting called ADVANCED ADAPTIVE LUMA.  Please turn this off.

Eddie And The Cruisers is a Yearly Guilty Pleasure

I had a chance to see Michael Pare in Eddie and the Cruisers as one of the first things I saw on my new Vizio.  It was a great reminder of how MUCh the music in the movie sounded soooo much like Bruce Springsteen music...not just influcenced, but I believe directly and purposely copied directly from the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. It's not just that John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band resemble Springsteen vocally, but also, the music seems to have riffs directly lifted from the likes of Roy Bittan ....a scene in a bar where the piano is just being tinkled around on and it sounds exactly like the backing that Bittan would give The Boss on one of his storytelling escapades mid concert.  Wild Summer Nights and On The Darkside could easily be fit in between any of the songs on Darkness on the Edge Of Town, or The River, and even Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes sounds like an upbeat Springsteen flipside or even a concert cover in the spirit of Quarter To Three.  Eddie And The Cruisers is SOOO cheezy ...but I list it as my guilty pleasure movie year in and year out.  

Maddy Curtis is a Favorite To WIN American Idol Season 9

Maddy Curtis from little tiny Blumont Virginia tore it up on American Idol.  She is one of 12 ..yes TWELVE kids from a tiny town near the base of Snickers Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Loudon County Virginia, emerged as the early sentimental favorite on the opening Idol by getting the very first ticket.   Already there is alot of information about the beauty ..

USA Today says "Here's the poster child for Season 9. Maddy Curtis, 16, is the ninth of 12 children, and her next-oldest brother has Down Syndrome. Her family also adopted three other boys with Down, putting Maddy in the middle. "They see the world in colors, and we need to see the world that way," says Maddy, who comes across like a real sweetheart.
Maddy has a surreal moment upon entering the room -- she's been watching the show since she was 8. She chooses to sing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (famously sung on the show by Jason Castro)
here are the links.


Rolling Stone

Oinkernet is Guinea Pig TV


For those who love the guinea pigs and on the heels of G force comes the Squeek Squeak squeeak suqeeeak of the little guinea pig tv on OINKERNET.  

Like Shoeless Joe ...NOT ...Say it aint so Mark McGwire

Mark McGwire finally admitted it and said  he used steroids when he broke baseball's home run record in 1998. I had a seat in left field in Pittsburgh and was one of the last (STUPID) holdouts that believed he would ve found to not have used illegal drugs on that run. According to Associated Press he said :
"It's very emotional, it's telling family members, friends and coaches, you know, it's former teammates to try to get ahold of, you know, that I'm coming clean and being honest," he said. "It's the first time they've ever heard me, you know, talk about this. I hid it from everybody."

 So the bash brothers were the STASH brothers as well.

best baseball quotes of all time

Fox hires Palin ...and now we know why she quit

Fox has said that  Ms. Palin would appear on the network’s programming on a regular basis as part of a multiyear deal.  They havent said how much she will get paid ...but ..its got to be a bonkers amount.  Something tells me she won't run for prez now ...though you had the feeling the dems were hoping for it.
Ms. Palin will not have her own regular program...but  she will host a series that will run on the network from time to time. This person would not elaborate, but the network does have a precedent for such a series. Oliver L. North is the host of an occasionally running documentary series on the military called “War Stories." 

Here is a link to Palin Jokes

Here is a link to Funny Palin Cartoons

Here is a link to hot and sexy Sarah Palin pictures and images
Here is the Saturday Night Live Transcript of Palin portrayed by Tina Fey ...she HAS to do her on Fox.

Cardinals Over Packers was second greatest game ever.\

Packers vs Cardinals was just one of the best games I ever saw ! Reminded me of Chargers vs Dolphins (former Virginia Tech Hokie Don Strock vs All time greatest Qb Dan Fouts) from 1982 Dan Fouts  was incredible and so was Strock in relief, which WAS the greatest (Non- Bridgewater) game I ever saw.

Posting On The Fridge 2010

20 New Year Resolutions
Dr. Frank Lipman, Integrative Physician

1. More Real Food, Less "Food-like Substances",
2. More Fruit and Vegetables, Less Sugar, Wheat & Corn
3. More Organic, Less Toxic
4. More Chewing, Less Eating
5. More Water, Less Soda
6. More Recycling, Less Waste
7. More Walking, Less Driving
8. More Exercising, Less Watching TV
9. More Outdoors, Less Indoors
10. More Sleep, Less Worry
11. More Calm, Less Chaos
12. More Being, Less Doing
13. More Consciousness, Less Ignorance
14. More Smiles, Less Anger
15. More Love, Less Hatred
16. More Play, Less Serious
17. More Letting Go, Less Holding On
18. More Forgiving, Less Blaming
19. More Generosity, Less Greed
20. More Ubuntu*, Less Me!
*"A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.*
Desmond Tutu