Adam Lambert MISSED by DVR watchers on American Idol

We are not so stupid as to think American Idol producers ACCIDENTALLY ran over on time thus preventing anyone who DVR's Idol from seeing what will be one of the more talked about performances of the season, Favorite Adam Lambert singing Mad World while bathed in blue light and actually restraining the screaming guns and roses like wails he is famous for. It was so great Simon even gave him a standing ovation for the frontrunner of season 8. Fortunately, here is a video of the performance for as long as it's around. Click Here for the video of the song and thanks to the blog for posting it. I don't think it is in Hi Definition, but its a good clip for anyone who missed it because the DVR didn't record it or catch the next program.

Shame on the Fox producers for trying to boost downloads profits and create a stir on purpose. My wife and I would have shot the TV if we could have ...good thing for 24 hour waiting periods.

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