Monsters Vs. Aliens Soundtrack and Sounds Shine

The new movie Monsters vs Aliens is the best non-pixar animated movie since Shrek. It couldn’t have been more of a personal thrill and family fun movie. Unlike so many movies that come out anymore, they did not waste all of the humor and best scenes in the numerous previews and advertising, which included the Super Bowl 3D experience.

Keifer Sutherland from 24 channels George C Scott from Dr. Strangelove to General Monger, who has been the warden in charge of the secretly imprisoned Monsters for 50 years. “This place is an X-file wrapped in a cover-up and deep fried in a paranoid conspiracy!"

Scour the internet and you will get glowing reviews for the voice performances of Reese Witherspoon as the voice of Susan, Seth Rogan as the Blob without a brain, (“turns out you don’t need one”), a fascinating Mad Scientist turned Cockroach played masterfully by Hugh Laurie, and the most interesting performance, the evil Galaxhar, incredibly interpreted by Rainn Wilson. Don’t blame Will Arnett for the fact that his Missing Link character is the least interesting …”Link’s” scenes are the only ones that fall a bit flat in the picture. As voice performances go, don’t overlook Amy Poehler who manages to make the antagonists computer sound even a bit sexy a few times, and Renee Zellweggers’s Katie, on her “worst date ever” ina bit part that was memorable. But ..with all the accolades, I would like to highlight two lesser praised aspects of the movie …music and sound.

This is a great movie LOUD. I can only imagine what it would have been like to see it in the acclaimed 3D, but the sound effects were as completely surrounding as any movie I have seen since the advent of surround sound. Copters encircle you, explosions engulf you, giant robots walk and destroy with booms and booms you won’t experience and the sound made when Galaxhar and his clones walk on their pods, the sound effect is addictive….perfect.

The music was great, right up to the B52’s Planet Claire over the credits…..and when the President, played by Stephen Colbert, starts communicating with the aliens by playing the booop beep beep boo bop from Close Encounters of the third Kind in an absolutely hilarious spoof and segues it into Axel F Theme that has everyone both in the theatre and onscreen dancing. You get the monsters playing cards to the Little River Band “Reminiscing”, and even early in the movie, “Tell Him” will stay with you til the next day and will be played by the DJ at the next wedding you go to.

So many reasons to love this movie …it’s not as Oscar worthy as Wall-E was, but it definitely a movie that’s worth every overpriced penny to take the family to.

Goodbye Paul Harvey

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