A trip to see Hairspray at the JPJ in Charlottesville and observing the crowd there

The Mrs. & I went to Hairspray ...a tremendously catchy musical that was totally worth it, even if I had to check my man card at the door. Hairspray is beneath the dancing and singing, a pretty persuasive story about standing up to racism and discrimination against weight challenged individuals, and for that matter, discrimination of all kinds.

So amongst the thousands in attendance, I could only find one patron in attendance of color. Hmmm . Well I guess that's how it is for a variety of reasons ...hopefully none of the racist.

I just have to at least consider the belief that as much as things have changed ...where a story about fighting for integration because anything other than that is wrong on so many levels, that integration sometimes just "happens" as a matter of culture.
America has surely proven it has changed at the voting booth ...but change in day to day society may still have a ways to go.

The Mrs. and I realized how entertained we were and for the 1/4 the cost of a Springsteen show. Am I getting old or what?

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