Seth Myers is pretty damn good even without Amy

Seth Myers is coming into his own as Weekend update Host. He and Amy were great together, but Seth by himself hasn't just taken a little getting used to, its actually been a pleasant surprise to see just how good he can be.

"Yesterday, the Republican National Committee selected Michael Steele, an African American, as their new party chairman. You guys know it doesn't work with just any black guy, right?" --Seth Meyers

And the "But Really" commentary about Michael Phelps pot use where he closes by saying roughly that if you are partying with Michael Phelps and you think its more important to take out your camera to sell a picture to the tabloids of Phelps getting high rather than saying "how cool is it to party with Michael Phelps," then you're a dick ! was a dead on conclusion to a well crafted and memorable piece of topical comedy. One of SNL finest moments I thought.

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