Remembering Lakeside Amusement Park in Salem Virginia

Lakeside Amusement those were the days in the 70's.

I Grew up in Blacksburg and Roanoke. Had some memorable days there at Lakeside. My sisters and I went and counted out pennies (you could pay per ride in those days) to ride the Shooting Star ...I still have a love for wooden roller coasters. Country nights included Billy Crash Craddock ...and that Choo Choo that circled the park was just the ultimate experience for a kid. I remember the flood that devastated the park, worked at TV10 the day a worker was killed by the coaster, and in the final days of the park, got choked up while editing a package for TV10 that was on the last days of the Shooting Star. Lakeside is surely missed by anyone who laughed there.

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singlemomlovinglife said...

we grew up in Salem Va and then Roanoke, We loved going to Lakeside. It was cool to have an amusement park basically right in your backyard. Those were some of the best memories of my childhood.