Remembering Lakeside Amusement Park in Salem Virginia

Lakeside Amusement those were the days in the 70's.

I Grew up in Blacksburg and Roanoke. Had some memorable days there at Lakeside. My sisters and I went and counted out pennies (you could pay per ride in those days) to ride the Shooting Star ...I still have a love for wooden roller coasters. Country nights included Billy Crash Craddock ...and that Choo Choo that circled the park was just the ultimate experience for a kid. I remember the flood that devastated the park, worked at TV10 the day a worker was killed by the coaster, and in the final days of the park, got choked up while editing a package for TV10 that was on the last days of the Shooting Star. Lakeside is surely missed by anyone who laughed there.

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