Springsteen and Garth, with Bono and U2 amaze the day at Lincolm Memorial Obama Welcome

The Lincoln Memorial Welcoming Concert for Obama

My goodness that was a G R E A T concert. I would have been there if I didn't have to work. Bruce was incredible on both ends, but Bono , Garth, and Stevie outshined him. To say the music was appropriate is a gross understatement. Well done and the crowd was huge. I was at the Clinton event and can tell you that the performances were better, and more importantly, the crowd was denser and more involved. I kept encouraging my six year old to put the game down and W A T C H History being made.

Now, having said that, I have to bitch about this. COMCAST did NOT free up the HBO for nonsubsribers until 7:09pm and I suspect they were trying to profit from the event with people quickly subscribing or something. Whatever, it is NOT right that they did not free up the HBO to non subscribers and I can't think of what their punishment should be ..but COMCAST SUCKS! If a few thousand people read that, maybe I will be happy. Can't believe that they made me miss the first few minutes. I HATE comcast.

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