Saying goodbye to George Bush

Gosh I was reaaaallllly rooting for him. He had a down to earth quality that definitely won over enough to eek out the first election he won, promising to be a Uniter and not a Divider. Now as he leaves, we have never been more divided in a 4 year period. Maybe thats over.

I am neither a R or a D ...but I am like alot of folks who wished Al gore had a bit more charisma to go with his ideas the end, his ideas DID win me over ...when i realized the 2000 election seemed to be between two second generation politicians with wayyyy to much sense of entitlement. But while one was a soundbite MASTER, the other tried to inject old fashioned substance into the discussion and nobody paid attention. It was the only way possible a former alcoholic, coke sniffing C student had a chance against a moral deomocrat centrist who had dabbled in rocket science and those little teeny tiny minuscule things he used to say about preserving the environment and saving the earth know he was considered such a wackjob. SO ..the I have to say that the nation that voted for a C student over a future nobel prize winner kinda of got what it deserved. Red state USA could simply NOT get over the fact that Bill Clinton got a BJ and, yes, lied about it while his wife(and world) watched. I hope Gore someday says to both Clinton and Ralph Nader and says "Look What YOU caused."

It would only have been a 4 year suffering, but the twin towers, the mission accomplished phot shoot, and the fact the dems ran a complete and total tool in 2004 gave us yet another 4 years which we just prayed wouldn't lead us into anything so terrible as total financial collapse, or anything THAT bad. But IS what America asked for on election day in again, you get what you ask for.

While a president doesn't REALLY make all the choices for us ..he does stand a good chance of making us feel a little good about ourselves by serving with DIGNITY ... I think that is my biggest dissapointment of the Bush years undignified it was to consistently bend the truth as if we were blinder than Ray Charles, insult the reset of the world as if they didn't belong on the same planet as us, and cater and cowtow to the cronies and big business ideals that made no comon sense to anyone for whom the rules did not directly benefit. Catering to Big Oils greed was, in my opinion, a major catylyst for the financial spiral we are in.

I guess you could say that the best thing to come out of 8 years of George Bush was some pretty inspired Bruce Springsteen music. Small consolation I guess

I sure pray, as we say goodbye to a comedians dream come true in the oval office, and hello to one with so much immensity of hope that it would be impossible for just about anyone to live up to, and expectation that cannot be lowered. Obama has gotten VERY good, in fact, even better since the election, at articulating all of our country's problems and exactly how it is and whose to blame for all of it. Let's hope in a year he is as articulate at defining how we are on the right path.

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