Kanye West is a Jerk

KANYE WEST ... watching the VMA awards and interupting Taylor swift .. Kanya is a dick , a jerk, a self pretentious ass, a dumbass, interrupting weirdo, who deserves to be whipped with a switch, and I'm sure his Grandma would. He should probably should never live down how much of a quack Kanye west was at the 2009 vma awards that were supposed to be about Michael Jackson and NOT about what anyone thinks about a relatively small award in the scheme of things.

Kristen Chenoweth on American Idol

Much better than Paula Abdul on AI, Kristen Chenoweth will moonlight on the show and I hope she stays. She was G R E A T on Pushing Daisies, a show that will only be fully appreciated over time when those who missed it realize what they missed. She can SING and has a great sense of humor. Cannot wait to see what she adds to American Idol

Springsteen all time Top 200 Countdown

Somebody had to do it, my list might have been different. They are to the top 40 as I post. An ultimate countdown of Bruce Springsteen songs from worst to first, starting at number 200 and will make it to number 1 eventually. (in the 40's as I post this)

Americas Got TALENT ??

So ok, the blues kid didn't make it on Americas Got Talent ...sure ..I get it. Shows not fixed or anything. Lets all root for Grandma Lee now ..she is wonderfully sweet. But seriously, cutting Tallan Noble Latz before he got to the Top 40 ? Thats ok ..I think there is another Top 40 in his future.

Tallan Noble Latz takes the lead in America's Got Talent.

Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix are the influences for 9 year old Tallan Noble Latz of America's Got Talent is the MAN in a 9 year olds body ...he can play the blues with the feel and touch of those who have been playing theire whole life . What a Guitarist. My son who is 7 was inspired to say "I love Tallan Noble Latz," over and over and over again. We anxiously await, not only how far he goes on this show, but also, how far he goes in music. AMAZING Charisma and talent. Worth watching.

Remembering Michael Jackson

I grew up watching the incredible performances of the Jackson 5 and watched the Jackson Five Cartoon on Saturday Mornings ("Man Alive its the Jackson Five.) Wasn't that big of a fan of the song or the movie Ben, but realized the incredible talent when I was in High School and all the girls wanted to dance to MJ music. I was appalled by all the things about the man that were comically and tragically ugly, but on the day of Michael Jackson's death, I most remember the moment I was on the phone with my girlfriend and just loud enough to hear was the Motown 25 celebration, and when Michael Jackson did the moonwalk, I just sat right up and was astonished at how great that was.

I remember We Are The World ...getting everyone together to sing and "check their ego"'s at the door. Bruce Springsteen, Kenny Rogers, Cyndi Lauper, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Willie Nelson, Kenny Loggins, Steve Perry, Ray Charles and everyone who was anyone singing on that song....HIS song.

And I remember this more than anything. There was this thing that was getting alot of Buzz called MTV. We didn't yet get MTV on our cable ...but I remember the fuss was that MTV was getting HUGE and that they did NOT play any black artists....probably not because of racism, but because they were leaning on ROCK and ROLL as their forte. Well, MJ had this great album, and a song on it featured Eddie Van Halen, one of the many that Michael always surrounded himself with ..the best of the best. MTV played Beat It because it had a ROCKER, Eddie Van Halen . That opened the door for them to take a chance on playing another song we know now so well ... Billie Jean. Wow .. how it all exploded from there. And ended tragically today.

Ladies and Gentleman ... from Los Angeles California .. Weird Al ??? Not The Doors ?

For those who thought that Jim Morrison might still be alive somewhere ..is it possible that its been weird Al all along ? Ray Manzarek, the Doors Keyboardist on keys and Weird Al does Morrison better than Morrison

Adam Lambert MISSED by DVR watchers on American Idol

We are not so stupid as to think American Idol producers ACCIDENTALLY ran over on time thus preventing anyone who DVR's Idol from seeing what will be one of the more talked about performances of the season, Favorite Adam Lambert singing Mad World while bathed in blue light and actually restraining the screaming guns and roses like wails he is famous for. It was so great Simon even gave him a standing ovation for the frontrunner of season 8. Fortunately, here is a video of the performance for as long as it's around. Click Here for the video of the song and thanks to the blog for posting it. I don't think it is in Hi Definition, but its a good clip for anyone who missed it because the DVR didn't record it or catch the next program.

Shame on the Fox producers for trying to boost downloads profits and create a stir on purpose. My wife and I would have shot the TV if we could have ...good thing for 24 hour waiting periods.

Monsters Vs. Aliens Soundtrack and Sounds Shine

The new movie Monsters vs Aliens is the best non-pixar animated movie since Shrek. It couldn’t have been more of a personal thrill and family fun movie. Unlike so many movies that come out anymore, they did not waste all of the humor and best scenes in the numerous previews and advertising, which included the Super Bowl 3D experience.

Keifer Sutherland from 24 channels George C Scott from Dr. Strangelove to General Monger, who has been the warden in charge of the secretly imprisoned Monsters for 50 years. “This place is an X-file wrapped in a cover-up and deep fried in a paranoid conspiracy!"

Scour the internet and you will get glowing reviews for the voice performances of Reese Witherspoon as the voice of Susan, Seth Rogan as the Blob without a brain, (“turns out you don’t need one”), a fascinating Mad Scientist turned Cockroach played masterfully by Hugh Laurie, and the most interesting performance, the evil Galaxhar, incredibly interpreted by Rainn Wilson. Don’t blame Will Arnett for the fact that his Missing Link character is the least interesting …”Link’s” scenes are the only ones that fall a bit flat in the picture. As voice performances go, don’t overlook Amy Poehler who manages to make the antagonists computer sound even a bit sexy a few times, and Renee Zellweggers’s Katie, on her “worst date ever” ina bit part that was memorable. But ..with all the accolades, I would like to highlight two lesser praised aspects of the movie …music and sound.

This is a great movie LOUD. I can only imagine what it would have been like to see it in the acclaimed 3D, but the sound effects were as completely surrounding as any movie I have seen since the advent of surround sound. Copters encircle you, explosions engulf you, giant robots walk and destroy with booms and booms you won’t experience and the sound made when Galaxhar and his clones walk on their pods, the sound effect is addictive….perfect.

The music was great, right up to the B52’s Planet Claire over the credits…..and when the President, played by Stephen Colbert, starts communicating with the aliens by playing the booop beep beep boo bop from Close Encounters of the third Kind in an absolutely hilarious spoof and segues it into Axel F Theme that has everyone both in the theatre and onscreen dancing. You get the monsters playing cards to the Little River Band “Reminiscing”, and even early in the movie, “Tell Him” will stay with you til the next day and will be played by the DJ at the next wedding you go to.

So many reasons to love this movie …it’s not as Oscar worthy as Wall-E was, but it definitely a movie that’s worth every overpriced penny to take the family to.

Goodbye Paul Harvey

We always knew it would be a different world when this inevitable day came. Someone whose voice, information, and opinion was a part of almost every day we've been on earth. Think of everything that HAS changed in the last fifty years ...from the technological to the socialogical ...to the microcosm of your own life and family ...it is hard to name anything ..and certainly anything in pop culture ...that has remained as consistent.

A trip to see Hairspray at the JPJ in Charlottesville and observing the crowd there

The Mrs. & I went to Hairspray ...a tremendously catchy musical that was totally worth it, even if I had to check my man card at the door. Hairspray is beneath the dancing and singing, a pretty persuasive story about standing up to racism and discrimination against weight challenged individuals, and for that matter, discrimination of all kinds.

So amongst the thousands in attendance, I could only find one patron in attendance of color. Hmmm . Well I guess that's how it is for a variety of reasons ...hopefully none of the racist.

I just have to at least consider the belief that as much as things have changed ...where a story about fighting for integration because anything other than that is wrong on so many levels, that integration sometimes just "happens" as a matter of culture.
America has surely proven it has changed at the voting booth ...but change in day to day society may still have a ways to go.

The Mrs. and I realized how entertained we were and for the 1/4 the cost of a Springsteen show. Am I getting old or what?

Sex, Religion, Politics ...all in one joke

Four Religious Truisms

1. Muslims do not recognize Jews as God's chosen people.

2. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

3. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian world.

4. Baptists do not recognize each other at Hooters.

Seth Myers is pretty damn good even without Amy

Seth Myers is coming into his own as Weekend update Host. He and Amy were great together, but Seth by himself hasn't just taken a little getting used to, its actually been a pleasant surprise to see just how good he can be.

"Yesterday, the Republican National Committee selected Michael Steele, an African American, as their new party chairman. You guys know it doesn't work with just any black guy, right?" --Seth Meyers

And the "But Really" commentary about Michael Phelps pot use where he closes by saying roughly that if you are partying with Michael Phelps and you think its more important to take out your camera to sell a picture to the tabloids of Phelps getting high rather than saying "how cool is it to party with Michael Phelps," then you're a dick ! was a dead on conclusion to a well crafted and memorable piece of topical comedy. One of SNL finest moments I thought.

Remembering Lakeside Amusement Park in Salem Virginia

Lakeside Amusement Park...now those were the days in the 70's.

I Grew up in Blacksburg and Roanoke. Had some memorable days there at Lakeside. My sisters and I went and counted out pennies (you could pay per ride in those days) to ride the Shooting Star ...I still have a love for wooden roller coasters. Country nights included Billy Crash Craddock ...and that Choo Choo that circled the park was just the ultimate experience for a kid. I remember the flood that devastated the park, worked at TV10 the day a worker was killed by the coaster, and in the final days of the park, got choked up while editing a package for TV10 that was on the last days of the Shooting Star. Lakeside is surely missed by anyone who laughed there.

Not my typical Springsteen Rant with the Steelers Cardinals Superbowl

Not my typical Springsteen Rant with the Steelers Cardinals Superbowl

A comment in support of and inspired by this blogpost.

I was sitting here on a Saturday Night after wondering just what to say about Springsteen getting snubbed for an Oscar nomination ...and in the course of surfing I ran across Jersey Mike who has a post that my wife will just love. She has been hinting at what a sell out Bruce seems to have become lately ... and I myself have been wondering about this for awhile.

He is almost sixty and putting out AlOT of PRODUCT. I have to say that the product is of high quality. For instance, his concerts are, if not as good as ever, at least far superior from what you'd expect at age 59. BUT .. it is right to point out the walmart release ofa special Walmart only Greatest hits is absurd. Jersey Mike has one of the best Bruce posts I have read ...from a diehard fan who has to admit the truth. With The Superbowl performance, and using Born To Run to promote the Superbowl (something he has never allowed before ...commercial adaptation of his music) along with some seemingly stolen riffs, and that Walmart release, its just sometimes seeming the Bruce Bucks are the thing for him.

I say this and still will be on the edge of my seat waiting for halftime on Sunday.

Springsteen and Garth, with Bono and U2 amaze the day at Lincolm Memorial Obama Welcome

The Lincoln Memorial Welcoming Concert for Obama

My goodness that was a G R E A T concert. I would have been there if I didn't have to work. Bruce was incredible on both ends, but Bono , Garth, and Stevie outshined him. To say the music was appropriate is a gross understatement. Well done and the crowd was huge. I was at the Clinton event and can tell you that the performances were better, and more importantly, the crowd was denser and more involved. I kept encouraging my six year old to put the game down and W A T C H History being made.

Now, having said that, I have to bitch about this. COMCAST did NOT free up the HBO for nonsubsribers until 7:09pm and I suspect they were trying to profit from the event with people quickly subscribing or something. Whatever, it is NOT right that they did not free up the HBO to non subscribers and I can't think of what their punishment should be ..but COMCAST SUCKS! If a few thousand people read that, maybe I will be happy. Can't believe that they made me miss the first few minutes. I HATE comcast.

Saying goodbye to George Bush

Gosh I was reaaaallllly rooting for him. He had a down to earth quality that definitely won over enough to eek out the first election he won, promising to be a Uniter and not a Divider. Now as he leaves, we have never been more divided in a 4 year period. Maybe thats over.

I am neither a R or a D ...but I am like alot of folks who wished Al gore had a bit more charisma to go with his ideas ...in the end, his ideas DID win me over ...when i realized the 2000 election seemed to be between two second generation politicians with wayyyy to much sense of entitlement. But while one was a soundbite MASTER, the other tried to inject old fashioned substance into the discussion and nobody paid attention. It was the only way possible a former alcoholic, coke sniffing C student had a chance against a moral deomocrat centrist who had dabbled in rocket science and those little teeny tiny minuscule things he used to say about preserving the environment and saving the earth ...you know he was considered such a wackjob. SO ..the I have to say that the nation that voted for a C student over a future nobel prize winner kinda of got what it deserved. Red state USA could simply NOT get over the fact that Bill Clinton got a BJ and, yes, lied about it while his wife(and world) watched. I hope Gore someday says to both Clinton and Ralph Nader and says "Look What YOU caused."

It would only have been a 4 year suffering, but the twin towers, the mission accomplished phot shoot, and the fact the dems ran a complete and total tool in 2004 gave us yet another 4 years which we just prayed wouldn't lead us into anything so terrible as total financial collapse, or anything THAT bad. But ..it IS what America asked for on election day in 2004...so again, you get what you ask for.

While a president doesn't REALLY make all the choices for us ..he does stand a good chance of making us feel a little good about ourselves by serving with DIGNITY ... I think that is my biggest dissapointment of the Bush years ....how undignified it was to consistently bend the truth as if we were blinder than Ray Charles, insult the reset of the world as if they didn't belong on the same planet as us, and cater and cowtow to the cronies and big business ideals that made no comon sense to anyone for whom the rules did not directly benefit. Catering to Big Oils greed was, in my opinion, a major catylyst for the financial spiral we are in.

I guess you could say that the best thing to come out of 8 years of George Bush was some pretty inspired Bruce Springsteen music. Small consolation I guess

I sure pray, as we say goodbye to a comedians dream come true in the oval office, and hello to one with so much immensity of hope that it would be impossible for just about anyone to live up to, and expectation that cannot be lowered. Obama has gotten VERY good, in fact, even better since the election, at articulating all of our country's problems and exactly how it is and whose to blame for all of it. Let's hope in a year he is as articulate at defining how we are on the right path.