Obama now NEEDS Hillary as Secretary of State or risk Carter vs Kennedy in 4 years

Hillary Now, or Hillary vs Obama in 2012

I wanted to weigh in on the discussion of Hillary Clinton as a possible Secretary Of State. NOW that there has been so much discussion about it, there is practically no way that Obama can't pick Hillary ...if he passes her up, it would be a double snub and MY how things would be cold between them from now on. (think things are cold now ?) I admit, I am no political expert (this is not news to you) but lets be honest. Obama needs Hillary as a friend now ..and ESPECIALLY needs her as friend 4 years from now, especially if things don't go well. (or have you forgotten Carter vs Kennedy which contributed Carter's re-election defeat) So ...the only way Clinton does NOT get this position is if she turns it down.
How can anyone think Clinton isn't the absolute best for this job ..and that would be true had she not spent a single day in the senate or run for president. She will be beloved by the world, and much like her presidency would have been, America and the world will get a two for one deal. Of course, because Bill cannot likely keep his dick out of the news, we all look forward to where that will lead right ? (with Hillary out of the country quite a bit) But all in all, a good thing for our country is Hillary in this position ...and it's probably going to be the first GREAT "yes we can" moment of the Obama Presidency.

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