TTWS Most Fascinating People Of the Year 2008 -- Not Barbara Walters List

With Barbara Walters about to name her 10 most fascinating people of 2008, and ONE of them is for goodness sakes, RUSH LIMBAUGH, who spent the year championing a defeated cause, I thought it a good time to put up our own 10 most fascinating people ..and "you betcha," my ten will be better than hers. (don't worry ..the Alaskan Governor is not number one)

10-Tina Fey---was already talented and destined for greatness before her looks and ability to dead on immpersonate the VP candidate shined a favorable light on her.

9-Tim Russert - His death showed us just how integrated into pop culture he was. Gosh, election night showed us how much we missed him.

8-Bruce Springsteen HIS age, his energy doesn't fade, his concerts are reviewed as the best of his career (BETTER THAN THE LATE 70'S --YES) and then, in a change from 4 years ago,his political activism doesn't leave him looking like an ass.

7-The Blonde Chick On The View - She had alot people saying things like, "you have to admire her for standing up for what she believes in." Alot of people at work are put in a liberal hornets nest with conservative views, or vice versa, every single day, and have to make those choices about which arguments are worth all the fuss. Her WORK ENVIRONMENT was on display everyday, and whether your agreed or disagreed with her VIEW, truth is, she was mighty impressive for a former Survivor reality show contestant.

6-Oprah Winfrey-Have you ever played a video game and ...for instance, stopped and saved the game, then tried two different paths from that point on ????? Well, I'd like to stop the election at the point where Oprah, a day after having Bill Clinton on her show, claimed she'd no longer have any other candidate on other than Obama. Yes, Obama had good momentum before Oprah's endorsement, but, how his campaign was just a downhill jog from that point on ...I sure would like to know how the election would have turned out if you went back to that point and took back the big O for Obama.

5-The Pregnant Man- I mean, C'mon ....wouldnt you believe that man was more likely to jetpack to Pluto before a man would be pregnant. What kind of Woody Allen world are we living in????

4-John McCain --OK he lost ..we all get it, but, here is a guy many should be able to relate to. Til his dying day he will know he had the better resume, paid his dues, executed his plan, made decades of hard work and preserverance pay off, only to lose the job to guy who wowed and flashed his way to the ultimate prize. If you have ever lost the job to THAT guy, or had THAT guy get the last word in with your boss, even though his BS was self evident, you can relate to John McCain.

3-Al Franken-As I write this, I have no idea if he is a Senator or not. But ..the guy who was on SNL as the guy who was "good enough, smart enough, and doggone it people like me," was considered by HALF the voters in Minnesota to be worthy of representing them in the US Senate.

2-Sara Palin....YOU BETCHA she's one of the most fascinatin' people of the year. What a smile, what a talent for speechin, and for being a poster child for how those of a particular political ilk will rally around anyone who is ON THEIR TEAM, no matter what the resume.

1-Barack O'Bama --No surprise choice here. But probably not for the same reason TIME will pick him as man of the year. YES WE CAN make him the most fascinating person of the year. What a smile, what a talent for speechin, and for being a poster child for how those of a particular political ilk will rally around anyone who is ON THEIR TEAM, no matter what the resume.

Colbert Christmas Special on Comedy Central gets my highest reccomendendation


Well, I don't yet have a TV or Movie ratings system designed for this blog yet ..but whatever the criteria, A Colbert Christmas, The Greatest Gift Of All, which debut's in the Christmas season of 2008, gets the A+, 10 out of 10, or the both thumbs up. It was funny in a unique way, musical in a surprising way, and even managed to touch me a bit ....and I confess that I am not a big fan of The Colbert Report, so this is all the more surprising.

And ...DON"T YOU stay away from this if you aren't a fan of the Colbert Report, cause this is nothing like it.

When you watch the show on Comedy Central, or on DVD, you know the Colbert never comes out of character, and you wonder about this eclectic array of guests. But one by one, the guests come in and are integrated with the plot, the Colbert can't get out of his cabin to travel to the city to do his Christmas Special. The songs are FUNNY and sung well.


Colbert begins with "Another Christmas Song," which is a generic christmas song and is blatently for profit ..he even exclaims that people should buy it for generations to put his kids through school. I think it's the worst song on here, probably because I genuinely LOVE Christmas music, but could understand if this is some people's favorite.

Toby Keith sings with gun in hand in "Have I Got A Present for You !" It somehow makes a hoot of redneck violence ..and even though the joke is on Toby, he knows it and goes along.

"Nutmeg" is the song that "park ranger" John Legend comes in to sing, under the pretense that you can't possibly serve eggnog without nutmeg, sings a song about nutmeg that is really one of the dirtiest, funniest sex songs ever ....a fifth grader would appreciate the jokes ...but it still stays north of the Howard Stern line and never offends. (OK I take that back..don't let your kids watch a Colbert Christmas)

Willie Nelson sings the "Little Dealer Boy" about his gift for the baby jesus which doesn't shine like gold, but smokes more sweet than frankincense and myrrh. As a Willie fan, I am blow away a Christian, I am laughing at something I know I shouldn't be, and amidst the comedy, Willie gets a message of the love at Christmas through in the song. (Don't Bogart Love) It''s a memorable moment, one that will live for ages, as I am sure the song will on Ipods or whatever we play music on 20 years from now.

"Can I Interest You In Hannakuh,' is John Stewart and Colbert's chance to duet ...another song that will outlive the Comedy Central careers of both these talented men. Stewart pokes good natured fun at the jewish holiday, asking Colbert to consider his holiday, which he ends up not doing because he is a Christian...which is what his character would do.

Fiest, the singer made famous by her Ipod commercial, is an angel who gets so many prayers, she puts Colbert on a kind of Angel Hold when he prays, getting him through a phone tree with her song "Please Be Patient." Both she and her voice are beautiful....the song is funny and moves the plot along.

The best musical moment is when the only song NOT specifically written for this special is revealed with Colbert singing the opening verse of Elvis Costello's "Whats So Funny 'Bout Peace Love and Understanding," at the piano. Costello, who has been eaten by a bear that reminds you of the Bumble in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, sings along from the stomach of the bear (don't get too caught up with the plot details until you see the special isn't THAT far fetched for Comedy Central) ..and then Willie, Toby, John and Fiest all join in to sing the song that is on my permanent Top Five, and now, should be given consideration as a Holiday Song.

Finally, Costello, now saved from the stomach of the bear by Santa Clause himself, and Colbert sing a touching song, "There Are Much Worse Things To Believe In," Again, a touching song , sung well, written well, has a funny moment or two ...hits you in all the right spots.

Yes ..the special is a farce ...but its right. You're gonna like it if you give it a try. Watch it, buy it, enjoy it, and as I write this, I believe the music from it will live on for years and years beyond the Colbert Report.

Katy Couric isnt the same ...

Katy Couric on Letterman last night was not the same as I remember. On the Today Show, it was that warm toothy smile, welcoming personality, carefree or careful depending on the subject matter, but never standoffish or cold and hard. Those were some of her attributes, at leats as I thought, when seeing her on Letterman last night ...talking about Sara Palin she almost bristled and never really participated in the clear humor of the ordeal, where, if ever there was going to be a lighter side to it, it should have come from the Letterman Couric moment. She seems affected ...yes job stress will do that to you.

Obama now NEEDS Hillary as Secretary of State or risk Carter vs Kennedy in 4 years

Hillary Now, or Hillary vs Obama in 2012

I wanted to weigh in on the discussion of Hillary Clinton as a possible Secretary Of State. NOW that there has been so much discussion about it, there is practically no way that Obama can't pick Hillary ...if he passes her up, it would be a double snub and MY how things would be cold between them from now on. (think things are cold now ?) I admit, I am no political expert (this is not news to you) but lets be honest. Obama needs Hillary as a friend now ..and ESPECIALLY needs her as friend 4 years from now, especially if things don't go well. (or have you forgotten Carter vs Kennedy which contributed Carter's re-election defeat) So ...the only way Clinton does NOT get this position is if she turns it down.
How can anyone think Clinton isn't the absolute best for this job ..and that would be true had she not spent a single day in the senate or run for president. She will be beloved by the world, and much like her presidency would have been, America and the world will get a two for one deal. Of course, because Bill cannot likely keep his dick out of the news, we all look forward to where that will lead right ? (with Hillary out of the country quite a bit) But all in all, a good thing for our country is Hillary in this position ...and it's probably going to be the first GREAT "yes we can" moment of the Obama Presidency.
It was unbelievable to me that Sara Palin could be pranked by CANADIANS claiming to be Sarkozy . It was the latest from the Masked Avengers comedy duo. I have to say that I heard the call and thought it was soooo vanilla ..if you get a chance to hear it, you won't associate it with Howard Stern baby booey type pranks. The most Sarkozy said provocatively was that his wife was hot in bed. Palin just giggled ..said "give her a hug for me," and frankly, scored points from me in that she came across while believing she was talking to the most powerful man in Europe as pretty much the same girl we see on the campaign trail. Re: the picture above, it is NOT true that Obama was the prank caller !