Springsteen On The Stump Again

Have you ever been to one of those Bruce concerts where he gets the crowd in an even more frenzied state simply by LOOOKING at them ? He looks to the left ..the crowd to his left is earsplittingly loud, only to be outdone by the crowd he soon looks to next. It is POWER he commands from that stage, but its in the rock concert moment and helped along by the words and music of his songs, but also the performances he is known for himself alongside the house rockin', pants droppin', earth shockin', hard rockin', booty shakin', love makin', heart breakin', soul cryin', death defyin' legendary E Street Band.

Now, as he was four years ago for Kerry, he is back on the stump ...but now, he has the memory that his cause, no matter how clear the right and wrong choice seemed to him, LOST. Once again he is trying to fit the square pegs of songs like Promised Land, The Risin, and from four years ago, Kerry's theme, No Surrender, through the round holes of a political campaign. It seemed to me that his gift as an orator was mostly only known to his truest fans who followed him always for more than just his ability to write a catchy hook and lead a band for 4 hours in a night. And I think 4 years ago, he was viewed more as an entertainer than as a political activist. It seems the words are more carefully constructed and it's more important to him to have them heard and acted upon this time...and his stature as a statesman continues to grow.

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