Bruce Springsteen Concerts For Obama

Bruce Springsteen Concerts For Obama
"We tried this four years ago...This time, we're winning"
"I have spent most of my creative life measuring the distance between the American promise and the American reality ... we need someone to lead us on an American reclamation project ... we need someone with Senator Obama's understanding, temperatness, deliberateness, maturity, compassion, toughness, and faith, to help us build our house of dreams once again ... and most importantly we need you"
Bruce Springsteen

I am the biggest fan of Bruce Springsteen, and his lyrics and music and power and passion of his music and live shows have been the cornerstone for my musical enjoyment my entire life. But AS important as the stage and studio product, his thoughts and philosphies have been immensely ingraining in my inner psyche.

Bruce stuck his neck out for the democratic candidate four years ago, and America did NOT care ...or at least enough ...for what Bruce had to say about who to vote for. My love for Springsteen is known very well by everyone who knows me, who then associates with me a love of Obama. I remain a staunch independent ... and hope my conservative friends will let this one blow over like the associations from four years ago and Kerry.

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