Iliza Shlesinger- a big fan becomes not so much

Iliza Shlesinger was the charasmatic stand up that won last comic standing this year ...yet...I heard her today on an interview ...with john boy and billy. Mock me if you must for listening to the hee hee hee haw haw haw drivel of the boys from charlotte...whose background laughter on why'd the chicken cross the road level jokes prove to be so much of a distraction...but raford is worth the ticket. Anyway, here she was coming up after the next commercial break and I HAD to listen. But I will be damned..she was awful ..didn't say ANYTHING and i mean ANYATHING funnny. JB and B said afterward "and the horse you rode in on" and she deserved it. She was NOT funny at all. In the end, she said "are you coming to the show....??" the answer could not have been a more convincing NO. (bug gawd she's hot) Girls you;'d wanna

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