The Bush Doctrine -- my explanation for Sara Palin

The Bush Doctrine

So ...if you ever accept the nomination for VP for a particular party, and Charlie Gibson comes should probably know a little about The Bush Doctrine. Basically... we in the good ol USA, which really does include Alaska 24/7 , believe that if a particular country is giving aid to a terrorist a group of terroists aid in any way, then we can consider that an act of war against us. We can and will go get that country and hold it responsible.

Think of it this way ...I surely don't want an cockroaches in my kitchen ...I will try to get rid of them if I get them. Now, if there are cockroaches in YOUR kitchen, there is the possibility that those cockroaches will come to my house and get in my kitchen. SO ..if YOU have a cockroach in your kitchen, and I find out about it, I will blow up your house.


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