Poem For 'Ol Tim Russert (and his white board)

A Poem For "ol Tim Russert by scutter

A Poem for 'ol Tim Russert
His white board showed the way
That the way to the 2000 White House
"It All Comes Down To F L A"

When first he told us Gore won
then said its too close to call
Russerts White Board showed the story
Florida's Electoral Votes he'd scrawled.

Sundays on Meet the Press
Good Ol Tim Russert really showed em
not a liberal nor conservative
and they wouldnt have kept coming if he'd really mowed em

He just kept asking the questions most of us would
if we'd had the guts
And some answered his questions honestly
and others proved to be horses butts

Tim Russert won't be around to tell us
the electoral count updated to the minute
Without 'ol tims great white board
How will we ever know who'll win it.

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