Wall-E ! So much subtext that I certainly won't attempt to bring it all to the forefront when you can find those easter eggs and subtexts elsewhere, but the first thing I have to say about Disney Pixar Wall-SE is that for Pixar, the bar has been set soooooo high, it was unbelievable how far they could exceed expectations. PEOPLE CLAPPED AT THE END OF THIS MOVIE. I have never been to a movie where that happened.

Walmart is the villian here. Make no mistake that as much as we love having Walmart to sell us everything in one place, all that in one place ends up in the trash ..and thats our future.

Christian Religious subtext including EVE the robot as the giver of life and who is responsible for giving a humanless Earth humans again.

Many references to 2001 and Kubrick including two musical selections and the ode to Hal .

Many hidden references to other Pixar gems and of course the ever present John Ratzenberger who has been in every Pixar movie.

Star Wars and Star Trek references ....the Final Frontier in the Buy N Large bon voyage ad.

It comes to mind that perhaps at Pixar, somebody might have said at one point, "do you think this movie might have tooo much love story for the kiddies?" and fortunately, someone said , "why don't we put in MORe love story." Big risks were taken in the movie ...from the abundance of sap between Eve and Wall-E to the way that kids and adults both felt uneasy with the start of the movie and the shape that the future world is found in(kept looking for Will Smith), to the facxt that there is almost no dialogue in the movie. Big Risk, Big Reward !

And most everyone noticed the dig at George Bush when the president in the face of obvious failure and disaster exclaims "stay the course!" I would have stood up and cheered for Mission Accomplished.

There was a great slam of Big Oil with the sea of sludge.

And if there was one thing that felt a little awful at the end, it was that as happy as we all were that Eve and Wall-E were together again, we had genuine concern for the ships residents who had an upcoming miserable existance on the earth that they had landed on. NEVER leave before the credits at a PIXAR movie, and the primitive type graphics told the story of how they rebuilt civilization.

I am pretty sure that an animated film has never been nominated for best picture by Oscar. If this one is not, there will be many people with legitimate gripes. Wall-E is an unbelievable masterpiece.

The Bucket List and The Ultimate Gift

With the release of a great movie on DVD, The Bucket List, I want to suggets perhaps an even better take on this kind of film. James Garner starts in the Ultimate Gift. It is the story of lessons that every troubled young man should learn, given posthumously by his Grandfather. There are no curse words and nothing the whole family couldnt see, although 9 and unders won't understand the context. However, it is a worthwhile movie for anyone of any age, with important, not so subtle messages you might use the film to send if you have a troubled, mischevious, self important teen at home. If you like the Bucket List, you will LOVE the ULTIMATE GIFT.

Poem For 'Ol Tim Russert (and his white board)

A Poem For "ol Tim Russert by scutter

A Poem for 'ol Tim Russert
His white board showed the way
That the way to the 2000 White House
"It All Comes Down To F L A"

When first he told us Gore won
then said its too close to call
Russerts White Board showed the story
Florida's Electoral Votes he'd scrawled.

Sundays on Meet the Press
Good Ol Tim Russert really showed em
not a liberal nor conservative
and they wouldnt have kept coming if he'd really mowed em

He just kept asking the questions most of us would
if we'd had the guts
And some answered his questions honestly
and others proved to be horses butts

Tim Russert won't be around to tell us
the electoral count updated to the minute
Without 'ol tims great white board
How will we ever know who'll win it.