Hillary's Kennedy quote NOT as bad as Limbaugh Show Speculation on McCains Death

There has been much talk about the remark Hillary Clinton made concerning the whys of her staying in the race when nearly mathematically eliminated. What she said about Robert Kennedy’s assassination in 1968 would be unforgivable if she meant the worst that her statement conjures up…but it is also clear to everyone including the Kennedy family and Obama that she only misspoke and did not mean to say that she was in it because Obama might be killed. NOW if she HAD said that, she would deserve whatever the fate of t hose who would judge her because it is a terrible thing to think about, much less say. However, just being honest, I wonder how many people really do believe that Obama is in danger, as any candidate probably is from kooks, but Obama probably more so, one would think, because of racist beliefs by the lowest element. While Clinton, as a candidate, should never have uttered the comment , the discussion is nonetheless there at water coolers around the nation … Obama has acknowledged the presumed danger to him in a Brian Williams interview, and denying the reality of the vigilance that will be needed by his security.

Now…I say all that to say all this. While the comment I am writing about next did not come from a candidate, it DID come on the benchmark national conservative talk radio program ..the Rush Limbaugh Show. In the past week, Limbaugh had a fill in, someone I did not know, who said this, and I will not be able to directly quote, but I will come close. He said that the ultra conservative republicans who hate the McCain candidacy should be rejoicing because they would soon be getting the ultra conservative president they desired. He said that McCain would not live out his first term, and to get elected, he would HAVE to pick a conservative VP to fortify the republican base, and that given McCain would likely die in his first term, the conservative republicans should be happy that by electing McCain, they would ultimately get their wish. ON RUSH LIMBAUGH’S SHOW! While this was not a direct quote, I got the gist of it right here, and he closed by saying something like “you people are going to get what you want..this might not be so bad afterall.” I have got to believe that I am not the only one outraged by someone seemingly rooting for McCains death , albeit after election. I have got to believe even McCains people are mad about this.
as I post this…I request that if someone knows who the Limbaugh guest host was, let me know. AND if you are asking the question ? “why do you listen to that crap,” I tell you what I tell my wife….when ESPN starts talking about NBA, I drift to another station quickly.

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