A Rant About STUPID Jurors

I want to talk about how dumb juries can be.

In my area, a couple is on trial for using their storefront as a place for the dealing of drugs including meth. in fact...they were caught with 500 grams of meth.

do you know how much that is ??? 500 grams.

And after jury selection, non the first day of the trial, the wife pleaded guilty to her parts of the 500 grams of meth...now the community ahs a chance to do something about the scourge of what this does to a small town in the way of increased crime, the prominnence of drugged up scum, and most importantly, the awful peer pressure that high school kids get from others to try meth and other drugs.

Now on the third day of the trial, some of the jurors were admonished for talking about the case amongst themeselves, asking the question "who is xxxx xxxxxl." SHE IS THE ONE WHO HAD 500 GRAMS OF METH AND PLEADED GUILTY TO IT. Excuse me, but as important as it is to do something about this particular problem...can we try...just try to seat jurors who have a stinking clue as to whats going on ???

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