Al Gore says so ??? That Can't be True

I literally know someone who is in eery other aspect of her daily and professional life much more reasonable, but says that global warming cannot be true ...and gives the primary reason for this belief is that Al Gore says so. So deep is her distaste for the wouldve been shouldve been Gore who proves that all things happen for a reason,and is doing much more for the citizens of America and our planet by having lost in 2000 to the C student who has proven that he is all that that implies. Haven't we all met thos people who say that they can't possibily fathom global warming as long as such things as a cold and blustery day are still in their personal existence. The old "Al Gore ought to feel how cold it is HERE and he'd know there is no such thing as global warming." Wow...such disdain for the simple truths of science. Didn't we all go to grammer school ? Did you deny the existence of gravity as well or proclaim the world is flat? Silly.

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