Rebel Against Big Oil -The only way to beat them is to USE LESS GAS

EXXON made 40 BILLION in 2007

It's time we realize that the assault on Americans by greedy Big Oil is nearly treasonous. The country is tipping between a sure recession, with some analysts even saying the D word is possible if not likely. BIG OIL, enabled by Bush, Cheney, Greed, are the biggest culprit of this decline. But lets be honest...Americans are letting Big Oil get by with this ...who can blame Exxon for charging what they charge when we pay it ..need it ...and don't take steps to keep some of their profit in our own pockets.

WE CANT CONTROL EXXON ...and for damn sure, the current administration will do nothing against them. What we can do, is limit their effect at every turn. EVERY LITTLE THING YOU DO to conserve a drop of gas is a drop of gas they can't sell you at 3.50 a gallon. THOSE drops add up...everyone needs to do the things that are obvious ...properly inflated tires, easing up on the pedal, combining trips...staying closer to home when you can ...waste as little as you can.

Yes...the pure economics of 3.50 or 4.00 a gallon gas will limit the consumption...people will naturally stay closer to home and conserve as much as possible anyway...but VOW to do MORE. SERIOUSLY..>EVERY SINGLE DROP COUNTS NOW. THIS IS A PATRIOTIC CONSUMER WAR WAGED AGAINST BIG OIL. LETS LIMIT THEIR PROFIT AND SWING THE PENDULUM BACK TO THE PEOPLE.

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