Misson Accomplished for Bush and Big Oil

There is no doubt that the current economic cruch is affection every middle and lower class american in a way that those have not been affected, perhaps since gas rationing of the 70's...and the argument can be made that nothing has been more severe since the depression or WWII. Price of absolutely everything is going up. Noty just gas which is astronomical, but groceries and neccessary clothing, housing, and everything considered a luxury as well. I know first hand about unemployment ...with evven those who have been steadily employed for decades being let go by miserly business owners who , when times get tough, know that THEY won't be the ones to suffer...suffer those loyal employees as a point of preference for them.

Alot of people are hurting...and you can shake your fist at big oil and the oil producing countries who want to maximize their profit. Yes it's greedy, and yes it just isnt nice, but for the most part, nobody gives away their goods or services for free, so don't expect oil producers, farmers, or anyone else to be expected to not attempt to maximize their earnings. What CAN be done is to conserve oil in every way possible, thereby turning the screws of supply and demand against big oil and oil producers, and by not cutting them any breaks ..and THAT is where the government CAN come in. Instead of a smile and wave from Bush and Cheney .....you can remind them that we have th power to make life difficult for them if they don't play nice. Perhaps the next adminnistration will do that. The only mission accompliSHED SO FAR BY THIS ADMINISTRATION IS for th most part standing back and cheering on Exxon Mobil's record profit each quarter. Histroy will mock this nation that militarily engaged one of the biggest oil producers while its ability to supply it's citicizens with affordable energy dwindled simulataneously.

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