Springsteen releases Lucky Day and it is tremendously great

Just unbelievable that Bruce Springsteen, less than one year from his 60th birthday, is releasing some of his best music ever. LUCKY DAY is here and it's our lucky day. You can view the video and then download the music for only a dollar. YOU WILL WANT to spend the buck after you view the vid...6 minutes, the first two minutes of which is how the song came together in the studio. Clarence wails, Bruce jams on both acoustic and electric guitar, and the words are G R E A T.

Go Here For The Bruce Video and download the MP3 this week

TTWS Most Fascinating People Of the Year 2008 -- Not Barbara Walters List

With Barbara Walters about to name her 10 most fascinating people of 2008, and ONE of them is for goodness sakes, RUSH LIMBAUGH, who spent the year championing a defeated cause, I thought it a good time to put up our own 10 most fascinating people ..and "you betcha," my ten will be better than hers. (don't worry ..the Alaskan Governor is not number one)

10-Tina Fey---was already talented and destined for greatness before her looks and ability to dead on immpersonate the VP candidate shined a favorable light on her.

9-Tim Russert - His death showed us just how integrated into pop culture he was. Gosh, election night showed us how much we missed him.

8-Bruce Springsteen ...at HIS age, his energy doesn't fade, his concerts are reviewed as the best of his career (BETTER THAN THE LATE 70'S --YES) and then, in a change from 4 years ago,his political activism doesn't leave him looking like an ass.

7-The Blonde Chick On The View - She had alot people saying things like, "you have to admire her for standing up for what she believes in." Alot of people at work are put in a liberal hornets nest with conservative views, or vice versa, every single day, and have to make those choices about which arguments are worth all the fuss. Her WORK ENVIRONMENT was on display everyday, and whether your agreed or disagreed with her VIEW, truth is, she was mighty impressive for a former Survivor reality show contestant.

6-Oprah Winfrey-Have you ever played a video game and ...for instance, stopped and saved the game, then tried two different paths from that point on ????? Well, I'd like to stop the election at the point where Oprah, a day after having Bill Clinton on her show, claimed she'd no longer have any other candidate on other than Obama. Yes, Obama had good momentum before Oprah's endorsement, but, how his campaign was just a downhill jog from that point on ...I sure would like to know how the election would have turned out if you went back to that point and took back the big O for Obama.

5-The Pregnant Man- I mean, C'mon ....wouldnt you believe that man was more likely to jetpack to Pluto before a man would be pregnant. What kind of Woody Allen world are we living in????

4-John McCain --OK he lost ..we all get it, but, here is a guy many should be able to relate to. Til his dying day he will know he had the better resume, paid his dues, executed his plan, made decades of hard work and preserverance pay off, only to lose the job to guy who wowed and flashed his way to the ultimate prize. If you have ever lost the job to THAT guy, or had THAT guy get the last word in with your boss, even though his BS was self evident, you can relate to John McCain.

3-Al Franken-As I write this, I have no idea if he is a Senator or not. But ..the guy who was on SNL as the guy who was "good enough, smart enough, and doggone it people like me," was considered by HALF the voters in Minnesota to be worthy of representing them in the US Senate.

2-Sara Palin....YOU BETCHA she's one of the most fascinatin' people of the year. What a smile, what a talent for speechin, and for being a poster child for how those of a particular political ilk will rally around anyone who is ON THEIR TEAM, no matter what the resume.

1-Barack O'Bama --No surprise choice here. But probably not for the same reason TIME will pick him as man of the year. YES WE CAN make him the most fascinating person of the year. What a smile, what a talent for speechin, and for being a poster child for how those of a particular political ilk will rally around anyone who is ON THEIR TEAM, no matter what the resume.

Colbert Christmas Special on Comedy Central gets my highest reccomendendation


Well, I don't yet have a TV or Movie ratings system designed for this blog yet ..but whatever the criteria, A Colbert Christmas, The Greatest Gift Of All, which debut's in the Christmas season of 2008, gets the A+, 10 out of 10, or the both thumbs up. It was funny in a unique way, musical in a surprising way, and even managed to touch me a bit ....and I confess that I am not a big fan of The Colbert Report, so this is all the more surprising.

And ...DON"T YOU stay away from this if you aren't a fan of the Colbert Report, cause this is nothing like it.

When you watch the show on Comedy Central, or on DVD, you know the Colbert never comes out of character, and you wonder about this eclectic array of guests. But one by one, the guests come in and are integrated with the plot, the Colbert can't get out of his cabin to travel to the city to do his Christmas Special. The songs are FUNNY and sung well.


Colbert begins with "Another Christmas Song," which is a generic christmas song and is blatently for profit ..he even exclaims that people should buy it for generations to put his kids through school. I think it's the worst song on here, probably because I genuinely LOVE Christmas music, but could understand if this is some people's favorite.

Toby Keith sings with gun in hand in "Have I Got A Present for You !" It somehow makes a hoot of redneck violence ..and even though the joke is on Toby, he knows it and goes along.

"Nutmeg" is the song that "park ranger" John Legend comes in to sing, under the pretense that you can't possibly serve eggnog without nutmeg, sings a song about nutmeg that is really one of the dirtiest, funniest sex songs ever ....a fifth grader would appreciate the jokes ...but it still stays north of the Howard Stern line and never offends. (OK I take that back..don't let your kids watch a Colbert Christmas)

Willie Nelson sings the "Little Dealer Boy" about his gift for the baby jesus which doesn't shine like gold, but smokes more sweet than frankincense and myrrh. As a Willie fan, I am blow away ..as a Christian, I am laughing at something I know I shouldn't be, and amidst the comedy, Willie gets a message of the love at Christmas through in the song. (Don't Bogart Love) It''s a memorable moment, one that will live for ages, as I am sure the song will on Ipods or whatever we play music on 20 years from now.

"Can I Interest You In Hannakuh,' is John Stewart and Colbert's chance to duet ...another song that will outlive the Comedy Central careers of both these talented men. Stewart pokes good natured fun at the jewish holiday, asking Colbert to consider his holiday, which he ends up not doing because he is a Christian...which is what his character would do.

Fiest, the singer made famous by her Ipod commercial, is an angel who gets so many prayers, she puts Colbert on a kind of Angel Hold when he prays, getting him through a phone tree with her song "Please Be Patient." Both she and her voice are beautiful....the song is funny and moves the plot along.

The best musical moment is when the only song NOT specifically written for this special is revealed with Colbert singing the opening verse of Elvis Costello's "Whats So Funny 'Bout Peace Love and Understanding," at the piano. Costello, who has been eaten by a bear that reminds you of the Bumble in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, sings along from the stomach of the bear (don't get too caught up with the plot details until you see the special ...it isn't THAT far fetched for Comedy Central) ..and then Willie, Toby, John and Fiest all join in to sing the song that is on my permanent Top Five, and now, should be given consideration as a Holiday Song.

Finally, Costello, now saved from the stomach of the bear by Santa Clause himself, and Colbert sing a touching song, "There Are Much Worse Things To Believe In," Again, a touching song , sung well, written well, has a funny moment or two ...hits you in all the right spots.

Yes ..the special is a farce ...but its right. You're gonna like it if you give it a try. Watch it, buy it, enjoy it, and as I write this, I believe the music from it will live on for years and years beyond the Colbert Report.

Katy Couric isnt the same ...

Katy Couric on Letterman last night was not the same as I remember. On the Today Show, it was that warm toothy smile, welcoming personality, carefree or careful depending on the subject matter, but never standoffish or cold and hard. Those were some of her attributes, at leats as I thought, when seeing her on Letterman last night ...talking about Sara Palin she almost bristled and never really participated in the clear humor of the ordeal, where, if ever there was going to be a lighter side to it, it should have come from the Letterman Couric moment. She seems affected ...yes job stress will do that to you.

Obama now NEEDS Hillary as Secretary of State or risk Carter vs Kennedy in 4 years

Hillary Now, or Hillary vs Obama in 2012

I wanted to weigh in on the discussion of Hillary Clinton as a possible Secretary Of State. NOW that there has been so much discussion about it, there is practically no way that Obama can't pick Hillary ...if he passes her up, it would be a double snub and MY how things would be cold between them from now on. (think things are cold now ?) I admit, I am no political expert (this is not news to you) but lets be honest. Obama needs Hillary as a friend now ..and ESPECIALLY needs her as friend 4 years from now, especially if things don't go well. (or have you forgotten Carter vs Kennedy which contributed Carter's re-election defeat) So ...the only way Clinton does NOT get this position is if she turns it down.
How can anyone think Clinton isn't the absolute best for this job ..and that would be true had she not spent a single day in the senate or run for president. She will be beloved by the world, and much like her presidency would have been, America and the world will get a two for one deal. Of course, because Bill cannot likely keep his dick out of the news, we all look forward to where that will lead right ? (with Hillary out of the country quite a bit) But all in all, a good thing for our country is Hillary in this position ...and it's probably going to be the first GREAT "yes we can" moment of the Obama Presidency.
It was unbelievable to me that Sara Palin could be pranked by CANADIANS claiming to be Sarkozy . It was the latest from the Masked Avengers comedy duo. I have to say that I heard the call and thought it was soooo vanilla ..if you get a chance to hear it, you won't associate it with Howard Stern baby booey type pranks. The most Sarkozy said provocatively was that his wife was hot in bed. Palin just giggled ..said "give her a hug for me," and frankly, scored points from me in that she came across while believing she was talking to the most powerful man in Europe as pretty much the same girl we see on the campaign trail. Re: the picture above, it is NOT true that Obama was the prank caller !

A Shenandoah Valley Virginia View on Obama, McCain, Warner, Goodlatte, and AL FRANKEN !

Here is little ol me chiming in on the subject of the 2008 election with Obama nearly a certainty to win the presidential race as I write this, and an amazing thing happening in that AL FRANKEN is about to be a senator. WOW.

I have diehard republican friends and democrat friends as well, and in my day to day life try to honestly not to offend either side with anything overtly partisan for the sake of a political party ...and at the risk of some of those friends, and even family, running into the blog post and knowing what they may already suspect ...I ABHOR those who make political choices NOT based on issues, but rather by party affiliation. To flush this out more, here in the Shenandoah Valley, where it is VERY VERY conservative and republican, there are honestly those who just feel they don't need to educate themselves on someones stance on issues. They think all democrats are bad, (evil even) and all republicans are good. Terrible thing for America ..this my team / your team system. And that's one of the reasons that an Obama speech here, with the usual adoration that accompanys all his stumping, will seem so out of place at JMU tomorrow.

In these parts, I remember how bad it got when Clinton was president. To some who would call candid comment or write the Daily News Record letters to the editor, everything from the decline of morals in our country (might have had a point) to tornados in the midwest (eh ..) were Bill Clinton's fault.

Now apparently ....are things changing here ? On the advent of Barrack Obama visiting JMU in Harrisonburg Virginia, putting every single vote in play ...even the ones in this republican stronghold, I will go out on a limb and express here some thoughts on the election for the sake of expressing myself ...and hoping I don't lose a friend.

I am a ticket splitter. I am voting for a democrat for Senator, as Warner vs Gilmore is the contest of one of the best governors this state ever had against the hands down worst. If there is a race I am passionate about, it is this one ...it's my main reason for making sure I get to the booth November 4th.

I will also vote for Bob Goodlatte, who has not exactly stood up to the Bush administration ...but carries experience, intellect, and common sense back to Washington with my vote. Having said that, I believe that with the anti -Bush backlash , the local democrats have possibly missed a chance to steal this seat by running such an unknown against him.

Now ..for president, it depends on the issue that matters the most to me that day as to who I will vote for ....but I have to state mostly that once again I am saying "are these the best two we could come up with ???" And ...I think NOT. But ...you can't write in that Alfred E Neuman guy from Mad Magazine and have it count for much.

I also think that NOT enough attention is paid to the fact that the president does NOT get to just do whatever he wants ...I have heard sooooo much about McCains budge and Obamas budget, and neither of these budgets will actually be enacted as they are being run upon. Look at them as ideals ...don't believe the whole package comes with the political promises.

On the issue of health care, probably the most important to my family which includes a cancer survivor, McCain is not standing up enough for my taste to the problems with drug company, AMA, and insurance company run medical system we have. Things need to change, and if I realllllly believe that Obama can get prexisting conditions to be accepted in a job change, which he says he can, or at least his ads claim that, vs. what McCains beliefs on health care appear to be, then my choice is made ...period.

I believe that McCain used pretty bad judgement in picking Palin ...We all will be interested to see where she ends up 12 years from now ..a friend thinks playboy is more a possibility then a presidential run , but I think she will gain experience somewhere, and make a more serious run at some point. Having said that, she is in no way shape or form qualified to be president ...but then again, that brings to mind Obama ...who also has such little experience. If experience were the issue ...its McCain.

And on the issue of Change ...no doubt CHANGE will come when Obama takes over with a likely democratic senate and congress ....but will that change be as partisan on the liberal democrat side as the republicans can be sometimes ? The CHANGE that straight talkin John seems to advocate is more my style. Middle of the road, independent of party influence ....if I realllly thought a McCain administration would be independent of partisanship ...he'd have my vote on that issue.

So ..it's complicated right ?

Oh ..and I am a Springsteen fan, but when Bruce has made his speeches for Obama ...I have more listened to his enthusiastic ramblings about American ideals ...but I HONESTLY think HE ought to run for something. He says these great things about America, then just throws in there, "and Obama is the guy that will uphold these ideals." I am not basing my vote on what my longtime hero in life and music says for me to do ....but his prose has been remarkable ..much moreso than when the dems ran such a tool 4 years ago and Bruce went so far for him as to have many believing he'd get a cabinet post.

Eight years ago, we chose a C student over a future nobel prize winner. I kinda lost faith that American democracy, though it is a right way of doing things, doesn't always make the right choice. Always wonder where we'd be today after 8 years of President Gore. No worse I guarantee.

I can honestly say at this point, 8 days from election, that I am someone who could be pursuaded to change my mind on the presidential election. But I am leaning Obama ...with a certain amount of "show me what you can do big man." Let's hope what he can do is reallly lead America to think about whats right for America on the issues and lead us away from partisan politics.

The Brick ...send this one to your friends

the brick - another email forward

the brick --another wide and wise email forward
A young and successful executive was traveling down a neighborhood street, going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. As his car passed, no children appeared . Instead, a brick smashed into the Jag's side door! He slammed on the brakes and backed the Jag back to the spot where the brick had been thrown. The angry driver then jumped out of the car, grabbed the nearest kid and pushed him up against a parked car shouting, 'What was that all about and who are you? Just what the heck are you doing? That's a new car and that brick you threw is going to cost a lot of money. Why did you do it?' The young boy was apologetic. 'Please, mister...please, I'm sorry but I didn't know what else to do,' He pleaded. 'I threw the brick because no one else would stop...' With tears dripping down his face and off his chin, the youth pointed to a spot just around a parked car. 'It's my brother, 'he said. 'He rolled off the curb and fell out of his wheelchair and I can't lift him up.' Now sobbing, the boy asked the stunned executive, 'Would you please help me get him back into his wheelchair? He's hurt and he's too heavy for me.'

Moved beyond words, the driver tried to swallow the rapidly swelling lump in his throat. He hurriedly lifted the handicapped boy back into the wheelchair, then took out a linen handkerchief and dabbed at the fresh scrapes and cuts. A quick look told him everything was going to be okay. 'Thank you and may God bless you,' the grateful child told the stranger. Too shook up for words, the man simply watched the boy! push his wheelchair-bound brother down the sidewalk toward their home.

It was a long, slow walk back to the Jaguar. The damage was very noticeable, but the driver never bothered to repair the dented side door. He kept the dent there to remind him of this message: 'Don't go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention!' God whispers in our souls and speaks to our hearts. Sometimes when we don't have time to listen, He has to throw a brick at us. It's our choice to listen or not.

Bruce And Billy ...If it's on Pay Per View I am there ..Springsteen and Billy Joel

Springsteen AND Billy Joel - When that change was made uptown and the Piano Man Joined the E Street Band

Springsteen and Billy Joel to Play this Fundraiser ...HOPE for TV Pay Per View or HBO !
Purchase your ticket using the this link.
Tickets must be purchased by October 14th.

Oh to raise the money for Obama ... Tickets are 10,ooo , 2,500 , and cheap seats for 500 bucks. Now ..I have to believe that if they wanted this fundraiser with Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen and friends to increase in value, I would think you could add Tina Fey.

Somewhere you can find an mp3 of Joel doing Thunder Road ---dont know if Bruce covered Allentown

Fox TV's Fringe ...XFILES returns

Really enjoying Fringe from Fox TV these days (returns in 90 seconds) ...realizing that I liked it alot more when it was called X files ....No doubt you just replace the female lead with Scully and it's not much diff than the same...on the episode with the giant butt alien plug they pretty much quit hiding it. I kept waiting for Cartman from southpark to complain about his anal probe. (still the funniest episode of tv ever ..cartman gets an anal probe)

Obama and McCain Debates ...Brokaw Wins

I can appreciate the kick up in gentle hostility between the warm and friendly handshakes and hugs between the can Obama, knowing he has the lead, pretty much continued his course and reminded us a few times that he will cut taxes to 95% of Americans while McCain reminded us one time too many that Obama voted for a 3 million dollar projector. (the projector was an educational planetarium necessity.

I thought the clear winner was Brokaw, who kept beating it into the candidates heads to obey the rules until, low and behold, they finally did.

Springsteen On The Stump Again

Have you ever been to one of those Bruce concerts where he gets the crowd in an even more frenzied state simply by LOOOKING at them ? He looks to the left ..the crowd to his left is earsplittingly loud, only to be outdone by the crowd he soon looks to next. It is POWER he commands from that stage, but its in the rock concert moment and helped along by the words and music of his songs, but also the performances he is known for himself alongside the house rockin', pants droppin', earth shockin', hard rockin', booty shakin', love makin', heart breakin', soul cryin', death defyin' legendary E Street Band.

Now, as he was four years ago for Kerry, he is back on the stump ...but now, he has the memory that his cause, no matter how clear the right and wrong choice seemed to him, LOST. Once again he is trying to fit the square pegs of songs like Promised Land, The Risin, and from four years ago, Kerry's theme, No Surrender, through the round holes of a political campaign. It seemed to me that his gift as an orator was mostly only known to his truest fans who followed him always for more than just his ability to write a catchy hook and lead a band for 4 hours in a night. And I think 4 years ago, he was viewed more as an entertainer than as a political activist. It seems the words are more carefully constructed and it's more important to him to have them heard and acted upon this time...and his stature as a statesman continues to grow.

Bruce Springsteen Concerts For Obama

Bruce Springsteen Concerts For Obama
"We tried this four years ago...This time, we're winning"
"I have spent most of my creative life measuring the distance between the American promise and the American reality ... we need someone to lead us on an American reclamation project ... we need someone with Senator Obama's understanding, temperatness, deliberateness, maturity, compassion, toughness, and faith, to help us build our house of dreams once again ... and most importantly we need you"
Bruce Springsteen

I am the biggest fan of Bruce Springsteen, and his lyrics and music and power and passion of his music and live shows have been the cornerstone for my musical enjoyment my entire life. But AS important as the stage and studio product, his thoughts and philosphies have been immensely ingraining in my inner psyche.

Bruce stuck his neck out for the democratic candidate four years ago, and America did NOT care ...or at least enough ...for what Bruce had to say about who to vote for. My love for Springsteen is known very well by everyone who knows me, who then associates with me a love of Obama. I remain a staunch independent ... and hope my conservative friends will let this one blow over like the associations from four years ago and Kerry.

Green Bay ...how ya feeling about Brett Favre today ?

RE: Your Quarterback

Lets see Green Bay Packers Front Office ....YOUR guy throws three interceptions and loses the game for your team ...the guy you apparently just couldn't bring yourself to tolerate one single more solitary season, Brett Favre, oh he just went out and threw for six td passes and helped his team WIN a key game. Like a towel to wipe that egg off of your face ?

Tina Fey Skewers Palin Again

Tina Fey Skewers The Frau From Fairbanks.
I just think that Tina Fey, who is riding the pinnacle of her popularity, is only returning to SNL to do this character in the firm belief that it is a short term role...in that she doesn't believe Palin will actually BE the VP ..so she won't need spoofing on a regular basis soon. Having said that, if McCain does win, Fey will almost have to return as a semi-regular cast member...this is one of the most popular characters ever on SNL. Poehler ..the very pregnant one we must add, I am just not getting it on her humor with Couric ..but maybe it's just me. Here are some Huffington Post lifted Excerpts from the show...

FEY AS PALIN: "Like every American I'm speaking with, we're ill about this. We're saying, 'Hey, why bail out Fanny and Freddie and not me?' But ultimately what the bailout does is, help those that are concerned about the healthcare reform that is needed to help shore up our economy to help...uh...it's gotta be all about job creation, too. Also, too, shoring up our economy and putting Fannie and Freddy back on the right track and so healthcare reform and reducing taxes and reigning in spending...'cause Barack Obama, y'know...has got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americans, also, having a dollar value meal at restaurants. That's gonna help. But one in five jobs being created today under the umbrella of job creation. That, you know...Also..."

POEHLER AS COURIC: "On foreign policy, I want to give you one more chance to explain your claim that you have foreign policy experience based on Alaska's proximity to Russia. What did you mean by that?"

FEY AS PALIN: "Well, Alaska and Russia are only separated by a narrow maritime border. (using her hands to illustrate) You got Alaska here, this right here is water, and this is Russia. So, we keep an eye on them."
POEHLER AS COURIC: "And how do you do that exactly?"
FEY AS PALIN: "Every morning, when Alaskans wake up, one of the first things they do, is look outside to see if there are any Russians hanging around. And if there are, you gotta go up to them and ask, 'What are you doing here?' and if they can't give you a good reason, it's our responsibility to say, you know, 'Shoo! Get back over there!'
POEHLER AS COURIC: "Senator McCain attempted to shut down his political campaign this week in order to deal with the economic crisis. What's your opinion of this potential 700 billion dollar bailout?"
FEY AS PALIN: "Like every American I'm speaking with, we're ill about this. We're saying, 'Hey, why bail out Fanny and Freddie and not me?' But ultimately what the bailout does is, help those that are concerned about the healthcare reform that is needed to help shore up our economy to help...uh...it's gotta be all about job creation, too. Also, too, shoring up our economy and putting Fannie and Freddy back on the right track and so healthcare reform and reducing taxes and reigning in spending...'cause Barack Obama, y'know...has got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americans, also, having a dollar value meal at restaurants. That's gonna help. But one in five jobs being created today under the umbrella of job creation. That, you know...Also..."
FEY AS PALIN: "Every morning, when Alaskans wake up, one of the first things they do, is look outside to see if there are any Russians hanging around. And if there are, you gotta go up to them and ask, 'What are you doing here?' and if they can't give you a good reason, it's our responsibility to say, you know, 'Shoo! Get back over there!'
POEHLER AS COURIC: "Senator McCain attempted to shut down his political campaign this week in order to deal with the economic crisis. What's your opinion of this potential 700 billion dollar bailout?"
FEY AS PALIN: "Like every American I'm speaking with, we're ill about this. We're saying, 'Hey, why bail out Fanny and Freddie and not me?' But ultimately what the bailout does is, help those that are concerned about the healthcare reform that is needed to help shore up our economy to help...uh...it's gotta be all about job creation, too. Also, too, shoring up our economy and putting Fannie and Freddy back on the right track and so healthcare reform and reducing taxes and reigning in spending...'cause Barack Obama, y'know...has got to accompany tax reductions and tax relief for Americans, also, having a dollar value meal at restaurants. That's gonna help. But one in five jobs being created today under the umbrella of job creation. That, you know...Also..."
POEHLER AS COURIC: "What lessons have you learned from Iraq and how specifically, would you spread democracy abroad?"
FEY AS PALIN: "Specifically, we would make every effort possible to spread democracy abroad to those who want it."
POEHLER AS COURIC: "Yes, but specifically what would you do?"
FEY AS PALIN: "We're gonna promote freedom. Usher in democratic values and ideals. And fight terror-loving terrorists."
POEHLER AS COURIC: "But again, and not to belabor the point. One specific thing."
(several seconds of FEY and POEHLER staring at each other)
FEY AS PALIN: "Katie, I'd like to use one of my lifelines."
FEY AS PALIN: "I want to phone a friend."
POEHLER AS COURIC: "You don't have any lifelines."
FEY AS PALIN: "Well in that case I'm gonna just have to get back to you!"

Iliza Shlesinger- a big fan becomes not so much

Iliza Shlesinger was the charasmatic stand up that won last comic standing this year ...yet...I heard her today on an interview ...with john boy and billy. Mock me if you must for listening to the hee hee hee haw haw haw drivel of the boys from charlotte...whose background laughter on why'd the chicken cross the road level jokes prove to be so much of a distraction...but raford is worth the ticket. Anyway, here she was coming up after the next commercial break and I HAD to listen. But I will be damned..she was awful ..didn't say ANYTHING and i mean ANYATHING funnny. JB and B said afterward "and the horse you rode in on" and she deserved it. She was NOT funny at all. In the end, she said "are you coming to the show....??" the answer could not have been a more convincing NO. (bug gawd she's hot) Girls you;'d wanna

David Blaine is an IDIOT


Ok..here is the deal...David Blaine keeps sucking me in with making me believe he is going to do something awful to himself ...last night he was going to jump to his death ...or at least, injury, from 44 feet in the air. The big moment arrives....the announcer even said he would probably do harm to his body...well he was connected by wires....floated upward and out of the screen shot. You could even hear, like, a director or something say ..>"get him up there now".....ridiculous ..in fact FRAUD. I would be very surprised if, no matter what he says he is going to do to himself, if ABC or any other network ever ever ever features him again.

The Bush Doctrine -- my explanation for Sara Palin

The Bush Doctrine

So ...if you ever accept the nomination for VP for a particular party, and Charlie Gibson comes calling...you should probably know a little about The Bush Doctrine. Basically... we in the good ol USA, which really does include Alaska 24/7 , believe that if a particular country is giving aid to a terrorist ...giving a group of terroists aid in any way, then we can consider that an act of war against us. We can and will go get that country and hold it responsible.

Think of it this way ...I surely don't want an cockroaches in my kitchen ...I will try to get rid of them if I get them. Now, if there are cockroaches in YOUR kitchen, there is the possibility that those cockroaches will come to my house and get in my kitchen. SO ..if YOU have a cockroach in your kitchen, and I find out about it, I will blow up your house.

the petrodictators

We cannot afford the four more years of petrodictators. I cannot believe we would as a country let the petro dictators do any more to harm us. I guess you can't do it by force...but somehow, when a dictator is in power and harming individuals and families and a way of life, american people respond by saying NO. Take DOWN the petro dictators !

mcCain Jokes ..the best of

I was emailed the great collection of jokes about mccain. email your favorite to yooohaaa@gmail.com

"Have you seen the new commercial? The McCain campaign compares Barack Obama to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. And today the Obama campaign released an ad comparing John McCain to Zsa Zsa Gabor and Bea Arthur." --Jay Leno

"Demeaning Obama is not why this is a dick move by McCain. It's a dick move by McCain because one of the fine young ladies featured in this ad (on screen: photo of Paris Hilton)…her parents, the Hiltons, contributed $4,600, the maximum you can contribute, to the campaign of none other than John McCain. John McCain is saying to the Hiltons, 'I thank you kindly for your support. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go take a nationally televised dump on your daughter.'" --Jon Stewart
"While Barack Obama was campaigning in Germany, he spoke to a half million people in Germany, a half million people. And while he was doing that, John McCain, he wasn't laying around, no, no. John McCain was out driving in his driveway and he backed over the mailbox." --David Letterman

"Barack Obama said today that he is going to fight for votes in all 50 states. Yeah. That's what he said. Meanwhile, John McCain said he's going to fight for votes in all 13 colonies." --Conan O'Brien

"President Bush spoke at a campaign rally in support of John McCain. They raised millions and millions of dollars, most of which will be used to repair the damage of President Bush supporting John McCain at a campaign rally. So it's kind of a wash" --Jay Leno

"Cindy McCain sprained her wrist. Doctors say it's nothing serious -- she probably did it cutting John McCain's meat into little tiny pieces." --Craig Ferguson "This week, Barack Obama, true story, campaigned on an Indian reservation and the tribal chief adopted him. Yeah, the Indians actually prefer Obama to John McCain, because they still remember when McCain took their land." –Conan O'Brien

"John McCain is actively courting women over 60. And I'm thinking, who does this guy think he is, Ashton Kutcher?" --David Letterman

"Earlier today, John McCain released 1,200 pages of his medical records. Or, as his doctor calls it, Chapter One." --Conan O'Brien

"McCain of course has the nomination sewed up. He's now auditioning candidates for vice president, and they're visiting at his home in Arizona. I believe it's called Casa Viagra. I believe it's called the Lazy Artery. I believe it's a ranch, I think it's the Double Hernia. No no, his home in Arizona -- the Rancho Prostato." --David Letterman

"Barack Obama's staff and John McCain's staff are busy now negotiating when the presidential debates will take place. That's good, yeah. Yeah, Obama wants them to be in September, and McCain wants them to be after his nap, but before 'Wheel of Fortune.'" --Conan O'Brien

"According to the Washington Post, Barack Obama and actress Scarlett Johansson are email buddies. Apparently they email each other back and forth. So, you've got a 23-year-old gorgeous, blonde actress emailing a married presidential candidate. Well, what could go wrong there? Not to be outdone today, John McCain admitted he had been exchanging flirty emails with Angela Lansbury." --Jay Leno

"CNN reports that John McCain is aggressively trying to win over the independent vote. Yeah, of course, to John McCain, independent means anyone who can make it to the toilet without help." --Conan O'Brien

"And John McCain is campaigning very hard. Every day I pick up the newspaper, he's someplace else. He's got a new strategy. Well John McCain just announced he wants to do a series of town hall meetings where he'll meet with the public. Yeah, it's all part of McCain's 'Speak Up, I Can't Hear You' tour." --Conan O'Brien

"McCain came out this week with a list of 20 possible running mates. He would not reveal the names of all of them, but he said they all share certain traits, like knowing CPR. He said he wants someone who is ready take over on day two." --Bill Maher

"Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain have all been arguing, claiming that they're the most qualified person to answer the White House phone at 3 a.m. Yeah, McCain said, 'I'm the most qualified, because I'm usually up at that hour peeing anyway.'" --Conan O'Brien

"John McCain is now crisscrossing the United States campaigning. Or, as they're calling it, Antiques Roadshow." --Jay Leno

"We're leaning more and more about John and Cindy McCain. He's on this big biography tour. I guess his wife Cindy is worth over $100 million because the family made money selling Budweiser beer. So he has a wife 20 years younger than him, free beer, and unlimited money. I think I speak for all guys when I go, 'Why is he running for president?'" --Jay Leno

"Did you hear about this? Two State Department employees were fired -- this is a bit of a scandal -- because they were looking at Barack Obama's passport file. Not only that, but the same person was also looking at John McCain's Civil War records." --David Letterman

"John McCain's daughter is in the news. John McCain's daughter says that a lot of guys don't want to date her because her dad makes her too high-profile. Yeah. That's part of the reason. It's also because McCain's daughter is 63 years old." --Conan O'Brien

"You know who I like is that John McCain. ... He looks like the guy at the hardware store who makes the keys. He looks like the guy who can't stop talking about how well his tomatoes are doing. He looks like the guy who goes into town for turpentine. He looks like the guy who always has wiry hair growing out of new places. He looks like the guy who points out the spots they missed at the car wash." --David Letterman
"Today, Barack Obama criticized John McCain for mistakenly saying that Iran was sending aid to al Qaeda in Iraq, which is not true. And afterwards, President Bush told McCain, 'Don't worry about it. I didn't know that either.'" --Jay Leno

"It was reported that Barack Obama's Secret Service name is 'Renegade,' while Hillary Clinton's is 'Evergreen.' That's true. Meanwhile, John McCain's Secret Service name is 'Enlarged Prostate.'" --Conan O'Brien

"Republican presidential candidate John McCain is in the news. John McCain says he's trying to find a vice presidential running mate. Not only that, McCain is also trying to find his reading glasses and his car keys. ... He's an older gentleman. That's the idea there. You'll be hearing more of those in the next nine months, because that's our take. Until he gets a whore." --Conan O'Brien

"Congratulations to John McCain, he wrapped up the Republican nomination this week. And we know this is official now because Mike Huckabee dropped out and said he was joining forces with John McCain. Oh, great, you've got one guy who doesn't believe in evolution, and another guy who remembers it." --Bill Maher

"Among the people rumored to be a possibility for John McCain's vice-presidential running mate is 51-year-old Florida Governor Charlie Crist and surprisingly not his brother, Jesus Crist" --Seth Meyers

"He looks like the guy at the movies whose wife has to repeat everything...He looks like a guy who's backed over his own mailbox...He looks like the guy at the supermarket who is confused by the automatic doors." --David Letterman (Read more Letterman jabs at Old Man McCain)

"As you know, last week the big rumor, according to the New York Times, is John McCain was allegedly sleeping with a a young, attractive lobbyist. Well, that story has pretty much gone away. In fact, the only one trying to keep it alive now? John McCain." --Jay Leno

"Obama and Hillary argued last night over which candidate the Republicans are most afraid of. Interesting. I don't want to take sides here, but I think it's pretty obvious which candidate Republicans are most afraid of, John McCain." --Jay Leno

"How about John McCain? He looks like a guy at a restaurant that says I'm leaving 10%, that's good enough. John McCain, looks like the guy that goes to the curb for the paper and locks himself outside of the house." --David Letterman

"The New York Times says that John McCain had a close, personal relationship with a beautiful, young, female lobbyist. Do you believe this? Think about it. A senator, who's a Republican having sex with a woman." --Jay Leno

"If it does turn out to be true, then John McCain's critics have a point -- he really does act more like a Democrat." --Jay Leno

"They say this woman works for the telecommunications lobby. Apparently, she called McCain out of the blue and asked, 'Are you happy with your current sex provider?'" --Jay Leno

"The New York Times this week printed an article alleging that John McCain may have had an improper affair with lobbyist Vicki Iseman. Or, as it's known among lobbyists, lobbying." --Amy Poehler

"The New York Times is claiming that John McCain, who is 71 years old, had an inappropriate relationship with a woman who is a Washington lobbyist. The good news is there's no footage. Political experts say this could be a huge scandal for McCain because he's married and the woman he's accused of having an affair with is 31 years younger than he is. In a related story, earlier today McCain was endorsed by Bill Clinton." --Conan O'Brien

"I mean, think about it, John McCain and with a young blond, and this was interesting: out of force of habit, Hillary is standing by him." --David Letterman

"But seriously how about that John McCain? John McCain looks like a guy whose head you can barely see over the steering wheel. ... John McCain looks like the guy who thinks the nurses are stealing his stuff. 'Dad, why would they take your socks? It doesn't make sense.'" --David Letterman

"John McCain seems reinvigorated. He has a new campaign slogan, 'He'll lead you into the 21st century.' I like it better than the old slogan, which was 'He'll lead you into assisted living.'" --David Letterman

"There was a big story in The New York Times today about Senator John McCain, who's running for president. It questioned his ties to a lobbyist named Vicki Iseman. The story 'hinted' that McCain may have had an extramarital affair with her, but the weird thing is she looks almost exactly like John McCain's wife, Cindy. So he might have just got confused and grabbed the wrong woman. These two look more alike than the Olson twins." --Jimmy Kimmel

"The New York Times printed a story that said ... in John McCain's last campaign in 2000, he was apparently acting so sprung on a lobbyist lady that his staff had to c---block the senior citizen from Arizona from sweeping this chick right off her feet and onto his motorized shopping cart. ... John McCain's pick-up line is, 'Did you know that 150 is the new 130?'" --Bill Maher

"I think this is a cynical attempt by the McCain campaign to make their candidate appear youthful and vigorous. I think they made the whole thing up and filtered it through the New York Times. You know, just like Bush did with the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. ... Because there's no real evidence to this story. Yes, a lot of people saw McCain going around with a cheap blond in a slinky dress, but they figured it was Rudy Giuliani." --Bill Maher

"They have debated so much that they are now debating about debating. Did you see this? A lot of this debate was about the power of words. Hillary said, 'Actions speak louder than words,' Then Obama said, 'Words can speak as loud as actions.' And then McCain said, 'Speak louder!'" --Bill Maher
"How about this John McCain, huh? Whoa, my gosh - doesn't he look like the old guy at the barber shop? He looks kind of like a Wal-Mart greeter, John McCain. He kind of looks like the neighbor who says, 'Oh, that dead tree is on your property,' one of those guys. He's the guy who is always early for the early bird special, that's what he looks like. He looks like a mall walker, ladies and gentlemen. He looks like the guy at the supermarket who is confused by the automatic doors. He looks like the uncle who pretends to remove his thumb." --David Letterman

"Senator John McCain has unveiled a new campaign slogan -- 'Ready To Lead America Into The 21st Century.' Yeah, yeah. And this is a lot better than his old slogan, 'I've Been Around Since The 19th Century.'" --Conan O'Brien

"I like John McCain. He looks like an old guy in a coffee shop who's still complaining about the designated hitter. ... He looks like the guy who asks the driver if he's on the right bus. ... Who looks like the guy who's always saying, 'What was that? Nothing? That's what I thought.'" --David Letterman

"This campaign is kind of fascinating, because the three major candidates have to be very careful when they criticize each other. Like, you can't criticize Hillary. Ooh, that's sexism. You can't criticize Barack. Ooh, that's racism. And you can't go after McCain, because that's elder abuse." --Jay Leno

"After John McCain swept yesterday's primaries he purposely stole a line Barack Obama's been using, 'I'm fired up and ready to go.' When Obama heard this he stole a line McCain's been using, 'I'm old and not sure where I am.'" --Conan O'Brien

"John McCain was the big Republican winner. One pundit said McCain's lucky nickel was working. He carries a lucky nickel. It must be lucky -- six months ago, that was his campaign war chest." --Jay Leno "John McCain says that he's been tested, re-tested and tested again. And that's just his prostate." --Jay Leno

"Republicans say that John McCain will be good for business. They didn't say what business, but I'm guessing probably the Scooter Store, Doan's Pills, Craftmatic Adjustable Bed, and the Miracle Ear." --Jay Leno

"Congratulations to Senator John McCain, the big winner in Florida. ... You know, this was what they call a GOP-only primary. So McCain had to win over a whole new voter group for him -- Republicans." --Jay Leno

"Today was a big day in Hollywood. The Academy Awards were announced. It looks a lot of Oscar buzz for 'No Country For Old Men,' which I think was also John McCain's campaign slogan." --Jay Leno

"And Senator John McCain was on the Larry King show the other night. He and Larry got in a big argument over whose prostate was larger." --Jay Leno

"Congratulations to John McCain. He was a big winner up in New Hampshire. Fascinating comeback story, this John McCain, quite a guy. Highly decorated veteran. Spent five and a half years in prison then went into politics. Usually it's the other way around." --Jay Leno

"John Edwards is on the campaign trail. He's now doing something called his 'Poverty Tour', where he's visiting people who have no money and no hope. In fact, his first stop today: John McCain's headquarters." --Jay Leno

"John McCain has a new campaign slogan, 'An Army Of One.' ... I don't want to say McCain's campaign is broke, but today he held a rally at the 99-cent store." --Jay Leno

"John McCain's communications director has quit. McCain did not have an immediate comment ... because his communications director quit." --Jay Leno

"As you may have heard, John McCain's Straight Talk Express has hit some bumps in the road lately, and many of those bumps turned out to be former passengers. Last week, McCain's strategists Terry Nelson and John Weaver left the campaign. Then, on Monday, the senator lost communications director Brian Jones and deputies Matt Paul and Danny Diaz. I believe the McCain campaign now consists of the senator, his wife, and this guy they picked up hitch-hiking. Which is why, regrettably, I must formally announce that I, too, am leaving the McCain campaign. ... This is a decision made all the more difficult by the fact I never worked for the McCain campaign." --Stephen Colbert
"The people who want his job were in Simi Valley last night for the big first Republican debate. Ten of them got on the stage. ... Chris Matthews was the host and asked the question, 'Raise your hand if you do not believe in evolution.' Three of these clowns raised their hands. Actually, four. But McCain just had to use the potty. ... McCain said he not only believes in evolution, he remembers it." --Bill Maher

"Senator John McCain moved to re-energize his presidential campaign with a speech to those for whom his politics are very personal -- the last uniformed Americans not deployed in Iraq, the cadets at the Virginia Military Institute. ... How committed is Senator McCain? [on screen: McCain saying, 'I would rather lose a campaign than a war.'] ... Luckily for Senator McCain, he might not have to choose." --Jon Stewart

"You heard about the big John McCain gaffe. He was on the David Letterman show announcing his presidential campaign, and he pulled a Joe Biden. ... He used the word 'wasted' to describe the lives lost in Iraq. Next day, he said he should have used the word 'sacrifice'. But to put it into perspective, when McCain was a prisoner in Vietnam, George Bush was wasted. Sorry, I meant to say he was sacrificing brain cells." --Bill Maher

"President Bush announced he has decided to visit Vietnam. The president said 'It must be a pretty nice place. I hear John McCain spent five years there.'" --Conan O'Brien

"Big news from the 2008 presidential campaign. Last night, Senator John McCain -- right here on this program -- announced he's running for president. And then today, he shaved his head and checked into rehab." --David Letterman

"President Bush said he will visit Vietnam next year. ... He told the prime minister that he is anxious to stay at that Hanoi Hilton that John McCain is always talking about." --Jay Leno

"Yesterday at a political rally, Governer Arnold Schwarzenegger called John McCain 'a great senator and a very good friend.' Apparently, Arnold likes McCain because it's so much easier to pronounce than Giuliani." --Conan O'Brien

"John Kerry said I can't tell you how proud I am to have John Edwards on my team, especially after John McCain turned me down." --Jay Leno

"But seriously how about that John McCain? John McCain looks like a guy whose head you can barely see over the steering wheel. ... John McCain looks like the guy who thinks the nurses are stealing his stuff. 'Dad, why would they take your socks? It doesn't make sense.'" --David Letterman

"How about that John McCain, huh? John McCain looks like the kind of guy who brags that his new denture adhesive allows him to eat corn on the cob. He looks like a guy who parked his RV overnight at Wal-Mart." --David Letterman

"How about John McCain? He looks like a guy at a restaurant that says I'm leaving 10%, that's good enough. John McCain, looks like the guy who goes to the curb for the paper and locks himself outside of the house." --David Letterman

"John McCain ... He looks like the guy that walks up to the mound to settle down a young pitcher. John McCain looks like the guy who picks up his TV remote when the phone rings." --David Letterman "I like that John McCain. He looks like a guy who gets tickets for mowing under the influence. He looks like a guy with a collection of movies he bought at the car wash. He looks like a guy on the beach with a metal detector. He looks like the guy who is still confused by the phone answering machine: 'Hello, is that - hello, is that you? Larry, Larry, hello?' He looks like the guy who calls his grandson when he screws up the remote: 'Well, now all the shows are in Spanish. What am I going to do, hello?'" --David Letterman

"How about that John McCain? He looks like the guy at the movies whose wife has to repeat everything. He looks like the guy who has to always be told something is on his chin. He looks like a guy who still has a rotary phone. He looks like a guy who's backed over his own mailbox. He looks like a guy whose sweater is always mis-buttoned. He looks like the guy who always tells you he's 72 years young. He looks like the guy who's bragged that oatmeal has lowered his cholesterol. He looks like the guy who should be co-hosting with Kelly Ripa." –David Letterman

"Hey, how about this John McCain, huh? Whoa, my gosh –- doesn't he look like the old guy at the barber shop? He looks kind of like a Wal-Mart greeter, John McCain. He kind of looks like the neighbor who says, 'Oh, that dead tree is on your property,' one of those guys. He's the guy who is always early for the early bird special, that's what he looks like. He looks like a mall walker, ladies and gentlemen. He looks like the guy at the supermarket who is confused by the automatic doors. He looks like the uncle who pretends to remove his thumb."

"I like John McCain. He looks like an old guy in a coffee shop who's still complaining about the designated hitter. He looks like the guy who asks the driver if he's on the right bus. He looks like the guy who's always saying, 'What was that? Nothing? That's what I thought.'" --David Letterman

the funny bumpersticker said . . .

Nuttier Than A Squirrell Turd

..... said the funny bumpersticker
sounds like something David Letterman Would Say
Wall-E ! So much subtext that I certainly won't attempt to bring it all to the forefront when you can find those easter eggs and subtexts elsewhere, but the first thing I have to say about Disney Pixar Wall-SE is that for Pixar, the bar has been set soooooo high, it was unbelievable how far they could exceed expectations. PEOPLE CLAPPED AT THE END OF THIS MOVIE. I have never been to a movie where that happened.

Walmart is the villian here. Make no mistake that as much as we love having Walmart to sell us everything in one place, all that in one place ends up in the trash ..and thats our future.

Christian Religious subtext including EVE the robot as the giver of life and who is responsible for giving a humanless Earth humans again.

Many references to 2001 and Kubrick including two musical selections and the ode to Hal .

Many hidden references to other Pixar gems and of course the ever present John Ratzenberger who has been in every Pixar movie.

Star Wars and Star Trek references ....the Final Frontier in the Buy N Large bon voyage ad.

It comes to mind that perhaps at Pixar, somebody might have said at one point, "do you think this movie might have tooo much love story for the kiddies?" and fortunately, someone said , "why don't we put in MORe love story." Big risks were taken in the movie ...from the abundance of sap between Eve and Wall-E to the way that kids and adults both felt uneasy with the start of the movie and the shape that the future world is found in(kept looking for Will Smith), to the facxt that there is almost no dialogue in the movie. Big Risk, Big Reward !

And most everyone noticed the dig at George Bush when the president in the face of obvious failure and disaster exclaims "stay the course!" I would have stood up and cheered for Mission Accomplished.

There was a great slam of Big Oil with the sea of sludge.

And if there was one thing that felt a little awful at the end, it was that as happy as we all were that Eve and Wall-E were together again, we had genuine concern for the ships residents who had an upcoming miserable existance on the earth that they had landed on. NEVER leave before the credits at a PIXAR movie, and the primitive type graphics told the story of how they rebuilt civilization.

I am pretty sure that an animated film has never been nominated for best picture by Oscar. If this one is not, there will be many people with legitimate gripes. Wall-E is an unbelievable masterpiece.

The Bucket List and The Ultimate Gift

With the release of a great movie on DVD, The Bucket List, I want to suggets perhaps an even better take on this kind of film. James Garner starts in the Ultimate Gift. It is the story of lessons that every troubled young man should learn, given posthumously by his Grandfather. There are no curse words and nothing the whole family couldnt see, although 9 and unders won't understand the context. However, it is a worthwhile movie for anyone of any age, with important, not so subtle messages you might use the film to send if you have a troubled, mischevious, self important teen at home. If you like the Bucket List, you will LOVE the ULTIMATE GIFT.

Poem For 'Ol Tim Russert (and his white board)

A Poem For "ol Tim Russert by scutter

A Poem for 'ol Tim Russert
His white board showed the way
That the way to the 2000 White House
"It All Comes Down To F L A"

When first he told us Gore won
then said its too close to call
Russerts White Board showed the story
Florida's Electoral Votes he'd scrawled.

Sundays on Meet the Press
Good Ol Tim Russert really showed em
not a liberal nor conservative
and they wouldnt have kept coming if he'd really mowed em

He just kept asking the questions most of us would
if we'd had the guts
And some answered his questions honestly
and others proved to be horses butts

Tim Russert won't be around to tell us
the electoral count updated to the minute
Without 'ol tims great white board
How will we ever know who'll win it.

Hillary's Kennedy quote NOT as bad as Limbaugh Show Speculation on McCains Death

There has been much talk about the remark Hillary Clinton made concerning the whys of her staying in the race when nearly mathematically eliminated. What she said about Robert Kennedy’s assassination in 1968 would be unforgivable if she meant the worst that her statement conjures up…but it is also clear to everyone including the Kennedy family and Obama that she only misspoke and did not mean to say that she was in it because Obama might be killed. NOW if she HAD said that, she would deserve whatever the fate of t hose who would judge her because it is a terrible thing to think about, much less say. However, just being honest, I wonder how many people really do believe that Obama is in danger, as any candidate probably is from kooks, but Obama probably more so, one would think, because of racist beliefs by the lowest element. While Clinton, as a candidate, should never have uttered the comment , the discussion is nonetheless there at water coolers around the nation … Obama has acknowledged the presumed danger to him in a Brian Williams interview, and denying the reality of the vigilance that will be needed by his security.

Now…I say all that to say all this. While the comment I am writing about next did not come from a candidate, it DID come on the benchmark national conservative talk radio program ..the Rush Limbaugh Show. In the past week, Limbaugh had a fill in, someone I did not know, who said this, and I will not be able to directly quote, but I will come close. He said that the ultra conservative republicans who hate the McCain candidacy should be rejoicing because they would soon be getting the ultra conservative president they desired. He said that McCain would not live out his first term, and to get elected, he would HAVE to pick a conservative VP to fortify the republican base, and that given McCain would likely die in his first term, the conservative republicans should be happy that by electing McCain, they would ultimately get their wish. ON RUSH LIMBAUGH’S SHOW! While this was not a direct quote, I got the gist of it right here, and he closed by saying something like “you people are going to get what you want..this might not be so bad afterall.” I have got to believe that I am not the only one outraged by someone seemingly rooting for McCains death , albeit after election. I have got to believe even McCains people are mad about this.
as I post this…I request that if someone knows who the Limbaugh guest host was, let me know. AND if you are asking the question ? “why do you listen to that crap,” I tell you what I tell my wife….when ESPN starts talking about NBA, I drift to another station quickly.

The Walmart Chronicles - Episode 1 - McDonalds Salads or Soup ?


This happened, swear to goodness, at the McDonalds located in my hometown Walmart.

A woman came up to the register while I was waiting in line, and addressed the cashier.
"Mam, you gave me a a spoon with my salad."
"yes mam," matter of factly she replied, "we are out of forks."
"out of forks ?" said the astonished customer.
"yes ..we out of forks."
"I am not sure I would have ordered a salad if I knew you were out of forks," she stated with amazement, looking at me and saying , " am I being ridicilous ?"
"not at all," exclaimed the Wal*Mart Chrnoicler
"Well ..we are out of forks ..." and went about her business...
The manager got involved.
The woman said, "are you sure you don't have any in the back ?"
Manager: "do we have any in the back???? (looking back there somewhere)...no..we just don't have any ...we hope to have some soon."


What Bruce Springsteen Says at the start of Livin In The Future is the way I (think) I feel about America

Bruce Springsteen
Introduction to "Livin In The Future"
Charlottesville Virginia April 30, 2008

"this is a song called ´Livin´ In The Future´ but it´s about what´s happening now....along with all the things that we love about America - cheeseburgers, French fries, the Constitution (crowd cheers) Clarence ´Big Man´ Clemons (crowd cheers) ....along with all the things that we love about the place we live, in the last seven years we´ve had to add to the American picture things like illegal wiretapping....an attack on our Constitution, a rollback of civil liberties, rendition....those are the things that ain´t supposed to be happening here that are happening here now....so we plan to do something about it right now....we´re gonna sing about it....as loud as we can.....´´

(thank you handfulofbrains.blogspot.com)

Of Bruce Springsteen, Big Oil, Exxon, and Climate Change



Danny Federici Is Gone

Danny will be missed so much and with tickets in my hand to a show this month, I realize I am seeing something less than what will never be seen in it's entirety again, The E Street Band.
When They Built You Brother ...the broke the mold.

Al Gore says so ??? That Can't be True

I literally know someone who is in eery other aspect of her daily and professional life much more reasonable, but says that global warming cannot be true ...and gives the primary reason for this belief is that Al Gore says so. So deep is her distaste for the wouldve been shouldve been Gore who proves that all things happen for a reason,and is doing much more for the citizens of America and our planet by having lost in 2000 to the C student who has proven that he is all that that implies. Haven't we all met thos people who say that they can't possibily fathom global warming as long as such things as a cold and blustery day are still in their personal existence. The old "Al Gore ought to feel how cold it is HERE and he'd know there is no such thing as global warming." Wow...such disdain for the simple truths of science. Didn't we all go to grammer school ? Did you deny the existence of gravity as well or proclaim the world is flat? Silly.

More Big Oil as the Bad Guy in our lives

Fuel prices are pushing our budgets ..those of the lower and middle class americans the the brink....folks there are two main causes of this as I see it..the greed of the big oil companies..and the inability of the us govt ..the bush administration to stand up those who are doing this to america...gas goes up ...everyone knows that everything goes up...and when i say this, please take no disprespect to the brave soldiers doing all they can do in the middle east...but ...for me here at home, if gas goes up 50 cents ..that effects my family as if a bomb went off in my back yard..or more correctly ...the driveway. Elect leaders who will stand up to big oil and face the energy cost problems with the ever escelating prices diminishing all aspects of our way of life ...especially on the homesteads of farmers and the overwhelmingly underappreciated independent trucker.

A Rant About STUPID Jurors

I want to talk about how dumb juries can be.

In my area, a couple is on trial for using their storefront as a place for the dealing of drugs including meth. in fact...they were caught with 500 grams of meth.

do you know how much that is ??? 500 grams.

And after jury selection, non the first day of the trial, the wife pleaded guilty to her parts of the 500 grams of meth...now the community ahs a chance to do something about the scourge of what this does to a small town in the way of increased crime, the prominnence of drugged up scum, and most importantly, the awful peer pressure that high school kids get from others to try meth and other drugs.

Now on the third day of the trial, some of the jurors were admonished for talking about the case amongst themeselves, asking the question "who is xxxx xxxxxl." SHE IS THE ONE WHO HAD 500 GRAMS OF METH AND PLEADED GUILTY TO IT. Excuse me, but as important as it is to do something about this particular problem...can we try...just try to seat jurors who have a stinking clue as to whats going on ???

Misson Accomplished for Bush and Big Oil

There is no doubt that the current economic cruch is affection every middle and lower class american in a way that those have not been affected, perhaps since gas rationing of the 70's...and the argument can be made that nothing has been more severe since the depression or WWII. Price of absolutely everything is going up. Noty just gas which is astronomical, but groceries and neccessary clothing, housing, and everything considered a luxury as well. I know first hand about unemployment ...with evven those who have been steadily employed for decades being let go by miserly business owners who , when times get tough, know that THEY won't be the ones to suffer...suffer those loyal employees as a point of preference for them.

Alot of people are hurting...and you can shake your fist at big oil and the oil producing countries who want to maximize their profit. Yes it's greedy, and yes it just isnt nice, but for the most part, nobody gives away their goods or services for free, so don't expect oil producers, farmers, or anyone else to be expected to not attempt to maximize their earnings. What CAN be done is to conserve oil in every way possible, thereby turning the screws of supply and demand against big oil and oil producers, and by not cutting them any breaks ..and THAT is where the government CAN come in. Instead of a smile and wave from Bush and Cheney .....you can remind them that we have th power to make life difficult for them if they don't play nice. Perhaps the next adminnistration will do that. The only mission accompliSHED SO FAR BY THIS ADMINISTRATION IS for th most part standing back and cheering on Exxon Mobil's record profit each quarter. Histroy will mock this nation that militarily engaged one of the biggest oil producers while its ability to supply it's citicizens with affordable energy dwindled simulataneously.

Rebel Against Big Oil -The only way to beat them is to USE LESS GAS

EXXON made 40 BILLION in 2007

It's time we realize that the assault on Americans by greedy Big Oil is nearly treasonous. The country is tipping between a sure recession, with some analysts even saying the D word is possible if not likely. BIG OIL, enabled by Bush, Cheney, Greed, are the biggest culprit of this decline. But lets be honest...Americans are letting Big Oil get by with this ...who can blame Exxon for charging what they charge when we pay it ..need it ...and don't take steps to keep some of their profit in our own pockets.

WE CANT CONTROL EXXON ...and for damn sure, the current administration will do nothing against them. What we can do, is limit their effect at every turn. EVERY LITTLE THING YOU DO to conserve a drop of gas is a drop of gas they can't sell you at 3.50 a gallon. THOSE drops add up...everyone needs to do the things that are obvious ...properly inflated tires, easing up on the pedal, combining trips...staying closer to home when you can ...waste as little as you can.

Yes...the pure economics of 3.50 or 4.00 a gallon gas will limit the consumption...people will naturally stay closer to home and conserve as much as possible anyway...but VOW to do MORE. SERIOUSLY..>EVERY SINGLE DROP COUNTS NOW. THIS IS A PATRIOTIC CONSUMER WAR WAGED AGAINST BIG OIL. LETS LIMIT THEIR PROFIT AND SWING THE PENDULUM BACK TO THE PEOPLE.

Best Political Jokes

"Everyone is so concerned now where all of the candidates are born. McCain was born on a military base in Panama. Hillary was born outside Chicago, and if you believe the media, Barack Obama was born in a manger." --Jay Leno

"There have been charges of foul play from both sides. Obama has accused Clinton of smearing him by implying that he's a Muslim or Muslim-sympathizer, and Clinton has accused Obama and his people of trying to dump a bucket of water on her and make her melt." --Jimmy Kimmel

Jon Stewart & Hillary Clinton: "This election is about judgment. Tomorrow is perhaps one of the most important days of your life, and yet you have chosen to spend the night before talking to me. Senator, as a host I'm delighted. As a citizen, frightened." Hillary Clinton, in response: "It is pretty pathetic"

9/11 Survival Stories

Been a long time but I needed to share an email

As you might know, the head of a company survived 9/11 because his son started kindergarten.

Another fellow was alive because it was his turn to bring donuts.

One woman was late because her alarm clock didn't go off in time.

One was late because of being stuck on the NJ Turnpike because of an auto accident.

One of them missed his bus.

One spilled food on her clothes and had to take time to change.

One's car wouldn't start.

One went back to answer the telephone

One had a child that dawdled and didn't get ready as soon as he should have.

One couldn't get a taxi.

The one that struck me was the man who put on a new pair of shoes that morning, took the various means to get to work but before he got there, he developed a blister on his foot. He stopped at a drugstore to buy a Band-Aid. That is why he is alive today.
Now when I am stuck in traffic , miss an elevator, turn back to answer a ringing telephone .. all the little things that annoy me, I think to myself, this is exactly where

God wants me to be at this very moment..