Politics, Politics, Po po po politics. - Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Edwards or the C Student mentality of the Red States

Am I Political ? I think I can't help it sometimes ..I have at least one reader who might think it worthy of writing, especially since life has gotten so in the way of this blog that it was back before Al Gore invented the internet that I posted on it.

Speaking of Al ... his hard work sure has paid off to where, I noticed that even when SNL makes FUN of him, the crowd cheers rather than laughs at him. The winner who was not, to the C student who has turned out to be everything that that implies, is being touted by many to be the answer to the "unelectability" of Hillary. I am in the opinion that the red states who were red states will never never never vote for Hillary Clinton ...so she would lose by at least the same margin as Gore. If Florida two elections ago and Ohio in the last election were the tipping points ..think of people you know or who have known from those states and imagine if they as a majority will vote for Hillary or candidate X, Y, or even Z from the Republicans.

And who amongst us thinks the Clintons can make it from here to November 2008 without a major scandal ????

I will be glad to be called wrong on the day after election day, but I just don't see the write on wipe off board on election night going Hillary's way.

And this may be wayyyyy out in left field but I was thinking that the reason that Bush and the Republicans are willing to wipe a little egg off their faces right now with the Health Care bill and actually go AGAINST the majority of Americans in opinion on this issue...is that the issue does ALOT to push HILLARY's model of discussion in the dem race to the forefront ....and something tells me the GOP is just dying to run against her rather than anyone else the Dems will nominate.

Maybe the momentum swing I keep belieiving will come from Edwards who says the right things and has the right charisma is still destined to happen ...or ..hell ..I will be wrong on that too. 8 Years ago we could have had the future nobel peace prize winner or the dishonest rebel without a clue cowboy C student ..and we got as a country what we asked for, not once but twice. I am not sure if Al Gore needs it as bad now ....but he'd sure have been no worse than what we got ...and hey..maybe we wouldnt have those juicy 200 dollar checks we got in the first four years of Bush and those tax rebates ...but we'd probably all have government subsidized computerized thermostats.

Is it just me ..or does an impression of Gore sound very close to Forrest Gump ?

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