How Melissa Etheridge Changed The World 07.07.07 at Live Earth part one part two

I timed it ... it is 24 minutes to the second by my watch. 24 minutes that should have changed the world ..but ...It did NOT make the NBC Network Prime Time Highlights Show.

I will undoubtedly write more about this in the days and weeks to come, but I know I must pass along that I have always known what we all know ... that MUSIC is a POWERFUL THING . But I have never seen it more powerful than at Live Earth when Melissa sang "imagine that." into If Not Now into Inconvenient Truth (I dont know the names of the songs) As a lifelong fan of hers from her first album, as well as a lifelong Springsteen fan cool it was to have her confirm many years ago that Bruce was the voice in her mind as she wrote what she wrote and sang what she sang.

Then on 07.07.07 at Live Earth, Al Gore's handpicked songstress was somehow buried in the 6pm hour at Giants Stadium . That is the shame here. I, as a Springsteen fan, had wondered if Bruce would make an appearance at the house that Bruce Built ... but ...maybe wasnt neccesary ...because as powerful as Bruces music and message has been over the years to all who followed, Bruce may have come close a time or two in the years, but Bruce couldn't have done what Melissa did at Live Earth. A Song that was a few songs that was a speech that was the most elequent, passion filled, declaration of commitment to TRUTH NO MATTER HOW INCONVENIENT ...and put better than anyone I have ever known for what it is like to be Born In The USA and be at this age, at this point in history, with this much at stake. Maybe it could be said that she made Global Warming more political, and that we all must remember that it isn't us versus them on this issue, or we all lose. But as she said, there is no US in THEM .


I had watched all of the proceedings across the continents at Live Earth and thought maybe the most important thing to write about was going to be the Antarctic Scientists Music Group ... because nobody had "Bono'd up" until Melissa Ethridge took the stage to forever change the world at Live Earth.

FIND the complete Melissa Etheridge performance somewhere online. If more people had seen it, the earth would be shaking.

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