Chris Ben Wa ...sorry ... Benoit Tribute is pathetic

I have to say that I have not followed wrestling as much as I used to but most casual observers knew of Chris Benoit and how Vince McMahon had another jewel of a "I will do anything to get to the top" puppy on his hands and exploited that for all it is worth. Today I have talked to everyone from the in tune fan of WWE to the barely understanding of the sport ... excuse me ... predetermined outcome entertainment ... and to a man (and woman) everyone says you can just see in his eyes that Chris Benoit was unstable. There had to be warning signs!

But most upsetting to me is what WWE did on Monday June 25th 2007 with there cable wrestling show 3 hour tribute to Benoit ... I realize that not everyone in the news media knew everything at that point, but certainly, somebody at WWE KNEW ...HAD TO KNOW ... that they were about to do a 3 hour tribute to a man who just killed a 7 year old child and the mother of that son. The responsibility lies with Vince McMahon himself! SOMEBODY had to pull the plug and put on old Lassie shows if need be simply cannot give tribute to a man like that ...what is next, OJ Simpson and how much he is beloved ?? It is disgusting what WWE did on Monday night PERIOD . APOLOGY DEMANDED by the decent amongst us (yes that includes wrestling fans)

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