The trouble with mission accomplished

I had a discussion with someone about the 4th anniversary of Bush on the aircraft carrier in flightsuit looking like "i went to the danger zone" tom cruise. Mission Accomplished. Right. SOmeone said to me "why would anyone purposely do that and make themselves look so bad years down the road." which I could only reply...."looks terrible now that we are years down the road...but...looks better as the one that was elected than it would as the loser." In a close election, that gave him enough of a boost to get over the red state, blue state hump.

On another matter, while I have your ear, I noted that Big Oil and Exxon, Mobil, Shell and the others were coddling America by giving a "good feeling" price of $2.00 per gallon at election time, that would baloon to $3 "by christmas" I said on this blog. I kinda felt foolish when that didn't happen at christmas...I am hearing $4.00 by the end of the summer and now ...I don't feel foolish about being right, but just missing by a couple of months.

I will say again....if Big Oil makes a another oil spill ...or something...SHOW THEM THE SAME MERCY THEY ARE SHOWING THE LOWER AND MIDDLE CLASS TODAY...NONE WHATSOEVER. SUE THEM OUT OF BUSINESS !!!

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