Keith Olberman On CBS Sunday Morning

Don't know if you saw KO on Sunday Morning..first, nary a mention of the radio he does daily with Dan Patrick. Still, was very surprised that CBS would give such a shining light to a rising star on another network. They did a great job of not portraying him as the "super liberal" he has been tagged with because of disputes with distruthful conservatives. He (like me) talked about having personal conservative views and in no way giving a green light to an ideal simply because it was from a democrat. What comes from his heart is only a desire for the truth, and for those in the highest positions to have such disregard for it is more than a scary thing for the stability of our nations future. KO speaks the truth and with a sense of humor ..and most of all, I so fully appreciate the COUNTUP on COUNTDOWN of the days since the Mission Accomplished Declaration on the aircraft carrier ...we all need to be reminded ...I wish when it had happened everyone had seen through the celophane transparency of the campaign appearance.

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