The British Are Leaving , The British Are Leaving

When Iraw II began, it was about terrorism and removing a ruthless, out of control dictator. I think we all know enough about elite military operations to know that the latter could have been accomplished with a surgical strike ..and I cannot believe that Iraq would be WORSE off if the US had done just that. We aren't safer from terrorists, I am convinced of that. And we had probably better beware of whomever or whatever assumes power after we leave ...and leaving seems to be the only right thing to do now. I would be the first to stand up and say, "don't leave til the mission is accomplished,' brushing aside my bitterness of the image of Bush on the aircraft carrier with the big sign that said that the Mission was ALREADY accomplished. But now, its clear that there is no mission to BE accomplished left, but to wipe our bloody lip (bury our increasing dead) and contninue skirmishing in a fight in which we clearly now no longer belong in. We have lost all good will there ...and we are losing good young men. It hit very close to home to me this week with the death of a soldier near enough to my family to really matter and really cause tears to flow in my own home....and I know I am not alone in this experience. We've nothing to gain by staying ...except strategic position if Iran is the next target. If thats the plan, quit denying World War III began several years ago. Mission Far From Accomplished.

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