Waste Management Begins With Common Sense

The other day I was driving along and saw one of those Big Green and Yellow Waste Management Company trash trucks with a huge sign on the side that said that in the last year alone they had saved umpteen million trees through recycling. That is GREAT. We all should pitch in. Let me ask, do you ever do that little bitty thing that saves, like maybe a sheet or two or paper, and think to yourself "I am saving a part of a tree." Feel good about yourself..you should. But seriously, we as a nation want to save forests of trees, I can think of no bigger uneccessary waste of valuable resources NOT limited to just the wasted forests, than JUNK MAIL ..and specifically, CREDIT CARD SOLICITATION JUNK MAIL.

Nobody wants that mailbox full of solicitation..in fact...we quite fear that someone is going to take one of our pre-approved in our name envelopes and pre-approve themselves to some of my good credit. And you can, and should, be writing your senator and congressman to let them know that they could and should do something. THEY CAN. For the good of our country, we were able to get the cigarette companies to quit advertising on TV. NOW we need the credit card companies, for the good of our future, to quit the mail bombardment. Just like with the cigs, they will have to find other ways...paperless and less intrusive ways, to market themselves...but the constant constant constant waste has got to stop. Think about this...I know you do, and I do too, pat myself on the back for that one or two pieces of paper I somehow didnt print or use, for the bundle I sent to the recycling bin...but then...LOOK in the MAILBOX....your reward for decent credit is a mailbox full of a bad idea to start with.

In case you haven't thought of it...besides the credit card companies, those who ahve the most to gain from the box of junk ..the post office. THE US post office. We need to be very very very pursuasive and active about letting our congressmen and women know we want this stopped, and tell everyone that when it is time to get a credit card, never ever respond to a mailbox solicitation. That does not mean you dont get a credit card...just use any of the other ways ..online the easiest..to choose a card, rate, and your future in more ways then one.

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