Finding Water On Mars

I just thought that on Wednesday December 6th when NASA announced that it had found water on Mars ... we aren't talking about evidence of water in the distant past on Mars, but currently flowing water....that TV networks should have broken in and the news should have led with the story. couldnt lead with that story when the Iraq Study Group (don't you just love that name?) came out with their na na na na na naaaaa na report that told George Bush that the mission was apparently NOT accomplished reason to go on that aircraft carrier all gloaty now ... and so they said that something different..whatever it is...just not what we have done so far...must be done Sam Cooke once said, "a change gonna come...oh yes it is." SO..on Nightly News from NBC on Deember 6th 2006, NOT A SINGLE WORD about the now apparent likelyhood that all we have to do is fly to Mars ..I know..not easy or cheap..and PROVE that we are not alone. Not a mention on the News. Geeks are astonished and insulted at the ignorance of how important this is.

Go forth and find the Mars microorganism.

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