Fox Kills is that for irony

I was completely offended by the If I Did It Here's How special and book coming up... but I wanted to see it because I thought it might be the closest thing to getting the truth of what actually happened. Could they have found a way to make sure the Goldmans get all the money ? It might take away anyones guilt for watching it or buying the book.

Is this over ?

Man Law Is Bad

The Men Of The Square Table dolling out the Man-Laws are just fine until you don't agree with one.
SOme Of the Good Ones:

Your best friend is dumped by his girlfriend. How long before you can ask her out?
Six months, but only if she is drop-dead gorgeous.

Is it permissible to hide your beer in the fridge so that others can't find it?
No, Sharing is caring

But HERE is the one that got thinking it aint right

Can you put a lime or any other fruit in your beer?

I am sorry..but I go the other way on this one. I believe that the lime in the beer should NOT be restricted to Mexican Beers. It makes all beer taste better. The MAN LAWS are FLAWED !!!

A Liberal Media ? I never think that but....

The liberal media is something may have been coined by, but certainly was mostly espoused by one Rush Limbaugh at the height of his popularity. Rush has always been the master of the half-truth. No doubt you could make the argument that many in the news media have leanings...they wouldnt be human if they didn't. But I have always thoguht that if you wanted biased media, look to Fox news, which I believe has NO liberal counterpart...and for biased radio...the man who is on with Conservative blither and blather and complaining about "liberal media" seems to have a lock on the airwaves with non-liberal views for several hours a day.

Now...that was maybe before Tuesday Night. I DO realize that the network had access to exit polls that said what was about to happen..that congress would be taken by the Democrats ....but ...I kept watching NBC say "WE DONT HAVE ALL THE RESULTS AND THERE IS NO WAY TO SAY HOW TONIGHT IS GOING TO GO" ...followed by an interview or discussion on how dismal the night was going to be for the Republicans. I was pretty shocked at how blatant the matter of fact downfall of the Republicans was being played out, at the time I was watching, before congress had been officially called, in truth...reality ...but ...clearly .... ahead of themselves ..and I honestly thought. ..with quite a bit of liberal bias. I'd say be careful if you dont want those who say the media is always so liberal to appear to be right...or if the shoe fits. This coming from a staunch centrist hoping to invent and lead the way in the "middle party."

Wouldnt have been surprised if Bush had met with Pelosi to say "send whatever you want..I aint signing a damn thing." But perhaps he has a chance to show what a uniter he is, instead of a divider. We will see what the two years brings.

I doubt Bush will greenlight much...but its clear that his agenda is burnt toast.