Money Matters on TV - Salaries of Favorite TV Characters

Did you see where has the top tv salaries of your favorite characters?

Dr. Derek Shepherd on Greys Anatomy leads the pack with 386,575 a year ..Neuro Surgeon Money

House Dr. Gregory House is second with 191 thousand a year

Bill Hoffman on Hel Me Help You (I don't watch that) is 3rd 169,000 a year

Annabeth Chase on Close To Home ..a prosecutor 143,000

Alison Dubois ...a stay home mom on medium is 134,000 and that one doesnt make sense

George Lopez, a plant manager is 127,000

Michael Scott of The Office on NBC is 89,000

Homer Simpson is 67,000 as a Nuclear Safety Inspector

Horatio Caine of CSI Miami is nearly 60,000

Betty Suarez of Ugly Betty is 49,000

Eddie Stark High School History Teacher makes 49,000

Olivia Benson on Law and Order is only 45 k

Coach Taylor on Friday Night Lights is 45k as well

and as for Jack Bauer, the 24 Special Agent ..we don't know about Black Ops CONFIDENTIAL

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