Mike Tyson's Eerie (Eary ? ) return

Mike Tyson is back on the money trail with his exhibition tour and was showered with boos in Youngstown Ohio. At one time he knocked out everyone he faced in the ring with one punch. Now, punchless and punch drunk he reminds me that there are dozens of reasons why nobody should care about boxing. The too many champions is one...when I was young, no doubt who the champ was whether it was Ali, Frazier, or Foreman. There is also the crooked element to the sport. I have no belief when I am watching boxing (ok..I hardly EVER watch boxing) that the matches aren't as staged as TNT or WWE wrestling....just with no chokeholds ...or biting ..unless we continue to give a rats behind about Tyson (convicted rapist BTW) and his attempted comeback.

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