Foley Scandal

Thing that bothers me about the "Foley" scandal is how much this has turned into a "Republican" scandal, and that things that are criminal ...such as covering things up ...have been done for the sake of a POLITICAL PARTY. How on earth is any act that harms another human being be a DEMOCRAT or REPUBLICAN issue at all ? I know if I say "since when is anything having to do with honesty or the complete lack thereof a political issue," that the answer I should get should be SINCE THE START OF TIME. ....but Truth is only how it is spun ...sometimes by those who spin masterfully. Fed up with the "need to know" status of our government ... alot has been said of whether the founding fathers saw todays world ..clearly they did not ...but one thing they did show a passion for is that there should be no secrets ..not of the kind we are seeing as common today.

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